Vishakha Nakshatra Prediction

Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishakha is also known as the ‘Star of Purpose’ and is a meeting point of materialism and spirituality. It is female in gender, as per Vedic astrology, the nakshatra is ruled by Lord Indra and Lord Agni which symbolizes power, position, and authority. The star is special as it is the only one in the entire zodiac circle where there is both an exalted and a debilitated planet. Saturn is the exalted planet and Moon is the debilitated one. The nakshatra has Jupiter as its ruling planet.

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career growth Facts about Vishakha Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 20:00 - 23:20 23:20 - 26:40 26:40 - 30:00 0:00 - 3:20
Birth Star Name Ti Tu Tae Toh
Varna Shudra Shudra Shudra Brahmin
Vaishya Manav Manav Manav Keet
Tara Vadha Vadha Vadha Vadha
Yoni Vyagrah Vyagrah Vyagrah Vyagrah
Grah Maitri Shukra Shukra Shukra Mangal
Gna Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa
Bhakut Tula Tula Tula Brischik
Nadi Antya Antya Antya Antya
Direction West West West North

career growth Characteristics of Vishakha Nakshatra


Vishakha natives are highly determined and this determination to achieve their goals ensures they enjoy every luxury in life. You will be highly energetic and will be full of vigour and vitality. You will be modern in attitude and may not prefer orthodox concepts. Those who are born on Vishakha nakshatra would be extremely good-looking with charming personalities. As you are passionate and courageous, there will be a willingness to take up responsibilities in life and this attribute will be helpful in the profession.

While male natives of Vishakha will have round and bright faces, female Vishakha natives will be beautiful with striking features and will attract the opposite sex. Those who are born on Vishakha nakshatra will be good learners and may bring an air of joy and celebration wherever they go. You may respect the opinions of others and would be good listeners. However, you may also always be dissatisfied as you will never feel content with your achievements in life. This can be a major negative attribute of being born on this nakshatra.

career growth Vishakha Nakshatra Female Characteristics


Vishakha female natives will perfectly balance between professional and personal life. She will be a successful entrepreneur if desired and will also be capable of taking responsibilities in life. The female natives of Vishaka prefer a simple life sans pretensions. She prefers a modest life, away from the chaos. She is a natural friend to all and sometimes this same reason makes people jealous of her. As highly religious, most Vishakha natives go for pilgrimages.

career growth Vishakha Nakshatra Male Characteristics


Men born on Vishakha nakshatra will be sharp-minded and may be successful in life. He will be dedicated and honest. The male natives would be conservative in most aspects of life but will be prepared to adopt new and innovative methods whenever required. A male born in Vishakha may not live with the family for a long time. He may need to leave home for education or job purposes. As he has tremendous oratory skills, he will be able to convince others about his ideas and this will make him successful in both business and marketing-related jobs. As he is good in financial aspects, he will be good as an entrepreneur and would be a self-made man.

career growth Vishakha Nakshatra Education and Profession


As Jupiter or Guru Brahaspati is the ruling planet of Vishakha nakshatra, you will receive a good education. You will have excitement in gaining knowledge from even childhood. This curiosity will further grow as time passes by. As the natives will have a sharp mind and intellect, they will be more inclined toward tasks that require the brain and they may be hesitant to do jobs that need physical effort. This means you can be successful as a teacher, researcher, author, and publisher. Some people may also be experts in games like chess.

As you are friendly, you may have many friends. You will behave nicely to people and will receive respect from them. In the time needed, you may receive help from people around you. This will benefit professions related to marketing and banking. Your association with more people may also help you be an expert in sales. As you have good communication skills, you may be successful in sales. Some of you may also join the government service. Though many Vishakha natives may aspire to do business, most people will find success in the service sector. The strong communication skill backed by honesty will also be an asset for those who aspire to be politicians

career growth Vishakha Nakshatra Female Career and Education


It is widely seen that females born on Vishakha nakshatra incline arts and literature. This makes them successful in professions related to books and music. Most females would excel as teachers, artists, painters, actors, and authors. Some girls also become successful in the publishing industry. As per Vedic astrology, female natives of this nakshatra would be successful as poets and novelists as they tend to imagine and are also good at putting ideas into words.

career growth Vishakha Nakshatra Male Career and Education


Men born on Vishakha nakshatra have got brilliant communication skills that can transform them into good orators and influencers. In their career, this skill would help them in marketing and sales. Those who study law can be good attorneys in court. The leadership qualities backed by their excellent convincing skills make them successful politicians as well. Anything related to brand promotion, anchoring, and presentation will also suit them.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Vishakha Natives


While the health will be generally positive, Vishakha natives need to be careful about the lower stomach, gallbladder, kidney, and pancreatic glands, bladder, urethra, anal, genital, and prostate glands. The chances of ailments impacting these parts are high. Indian astrology texts also predict that the natives of Vishakha nakshatra should be cautious about shoulders. You need to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life and must also regularly exercise.

Practice yoga and keep a tab on the intake of oil and ghee. Do not let negativity come inside to stay mentally healthy. Always be along with people who are positive in attitude. Give up tobacco and alcohol and also ensure you do timely health tests. Senior Vishakha natives must not skip visits to clinics and while travelling somewhere far away, ensure you carry all the needed medicines.

career growth Vishakha Nakshatra Female Health


While most female natives of Vishakha enjoy good health, they need to be cautious about kidney-related ailments. In addition, most females also face general weakness after they reach middle ages. It is good to consult a doctor or do proper health check-ups after reaching your mid-thirties.

career growth Vishakha Nakshatra Male Health


A male born in Vishakha will be good in health and mostly free from major ailments. However, they tend to think too much as this may affect the brain causing serious health issues. Always stay calm and avoid taking too much stress. Some male natives may also face paralytic attacks. Asthma is also common among Vishakha male natives.

career growth Compatibility and Family life


Vishakha natives, most men may not be fortunate to enjoy their mother’s love as they may lose their mom early in life. A male Vishakha native’s father may be resourceful but the love he may provide will not be enough to replace the mom’s. He will have a strained relationship with the father and will expect the partner to compensate for the love he missed. Females will be obedient to husbands and may even give attention and affection to their family members. Her relationship with her in-laws would be good and this helps her to administer the house hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The natives of this nakshatra will be full of vigor and vitality. They may be conservative in certain areas but would be modern in areas wherever required. They would be creative in mind and sharp in intellect.

The most compatible life partner will be Chitra nakshatra natives while the most challenging life partner will be Revati Nakshatra and Rohini Nakshatra.

In the context of Vedic astrology, the tiger is the animal for Vishakha nakshatra.