Birth Time Rectification Report

Right Birth Time must for Correct Prediction

Price:  40 | 2500

This is an ultimate report where astrologers rectify your time of birth by analyzing past events in your life and examining your physical features. Our astrologers thoroughly analyze all possible details provided by you so as to rectify your birth time in near proximity. The final analysis will reveal almost everything about the life of an individual as per his/her birth chart prepared on rectified time of birth. Get the most proximate time of your birth with the report.

Birth Time Rectification and its Importance


Birth Time Rectification and its Importance Everyone wants to peep in the future once and see the developments, opportunities and threats that are about to come. But to make these future predictions possible, one definitely needs to know their exact birth details. But sometimes many of us do not know the exact time of birth or forgot/lost your Time of Birth? If this is the problem, you need not to worry anymore. Vedic astrology has a solution to rectify your time of birth on the basis of past events of life. An expert Astrologer can predict the past and future events of our life after analyzing the birth chart prepared on basis of the birth details of an individual.

What Will You Get with this report?

  • Evaluation of multiple natal charts based on approximate time of birth and vital information provided by you.
  • Findings of your birth time in near proximity.
  • Brief Description of Your Vedic Birth Chart
  • Astrological Remedy suggestion as per rectified time of birth.