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Our heartiest thanks to all members, who has participated in holy Kanakdhra Yagna. The ceremony has been performed successfully and Prasadam will be sent soon to all participants.

May Goddess Lakshmi bless to all.

Turning Point and Critical Year as Planets Say

Vedic astrology has the power to reveal those turning points of our lives and our birth chart has the ability to denote the critical time period that we can face in near future. With the help of this astrology based science, you can be aware of the turning points and critical years in .....

Editor's Pick
Overcome from confusion to choose Right Career with Astrology!

We have heard stories about how person’s childhood interest grew comfortably into a career. A kid who was always around cars and racing games since early days pursued his career as a successful car racer...


Different planets and their positions in a native’s birth chart rule the unfavorable and favorable situations/times in life. The fundamental principle of Vedic astrology states that whatever happens in our lives has its roots, indicationsn...


Planet Venus signifies creative expressions and the power of innovation. It is the favorable and unfavorable Venus that decides how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in different areas of the life circle. Venus is more...

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