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Compatibility with Partner on Different Parameters

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What are your chances of getting married to your current partner? Will you be able to enjoy a healthy loving relationship in the coming times? Know about all the chances and hardships that may come in your love life with love astrology and know about the remedies to make it a perfect one.

Getting into a relationship and starting a love life is one of the most important phases of a human life. To find someone who is affectionate, caring and loving, the one whop stays by our side gives us enormous strength and a reason to live life to the fullest. Sometimes your relationship or partner makes you understand the worth that you have not yet found, showing the faith and confidence they have in you. Having love and a strong relationship compatibility ensures the credibility of your relationship status. If you are in a relationship, you can definitely understand that with happiness come little challenges for you too and in order to maintain this you have to take your call of action.

With Relationship Analysis Report, you can find out the reason for all complications, issues in your relationship and work it out to enjoy your romantic life to the most. With relationship astrology and birthday compatibility of partners, our astrologers can guide you through all the ups and downs of your relationship. When you start a relationship, make sure you make the best moves to keep it loving and alive, explore more with your relationship horoscope based astrology reports. 

What Will You Get

  •    Preamble: Introduction of ongoing circumstance and your primary concern.
  •    Ascendant compatibility: To give clues on your personality, nature and your lifelong interaction with each other.
  •    Compatibility Analysis from Different Aspects (8 fold tests) through Kundali Milapak report between the two charts.
  •    Kundali Milapak scores and their relevance in your relationship.
  •    The Mars compatibility and Kujadosha between your respective charts.
  •    Venus Chart to analyze relationship harmony and love bond.
  •    Status of House of marriage, irrespective of the partner with whom you are married to.
  •    Astrological Signature for next 12 months to indicates probable period of marriage.
  •    Astrological Recommendation by our astrologer so that you will make conscious efforts to not succumb to the challenges that may arise