Personalized Karma Index Report

Astrological Mirror of Your Physical and Mental Characteristics

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What do you think will be the result of your Past and Present Karma? How will your life change and be directed towards success or failures depending on your karmic account? With the help of Karma Index report based on Vedic astrology, you can find out the reason behind all the ups and downs of life.

Your good and bad deeds play a vital role in shaping up your life. The challenges and prosperity that comes into your life is closely associated with the karmic factor. This factor can be traced with the help of Indian Vedic astrology. Karma Index, is the portrait of your karmic account, your achievements, debts, failures, positive and negative attainments in life that you will be able to handle after all the changes that come in your life. It is the most authentic tool to know about the time of important events which are going to be triggered in your life. It helps you to rule your life in a better way. It tells you why and when a particular event has happened or going to happen in your life. It can also assist you to explore the favorable and unfavorable periods prevailing in life. If you want to get a full glimpse of how does karma work, you should get it explored with Indian Vedic astrology.  

One of the distinguishing features of Vedic Astrology is that it is the Art of predicting actual events and circumstances in a person's life, thus providing you with accurate Horoscope Astrology Information. In formulating the Karma Index, after considerable research into ancient Vedic Astrology and with the help of information technology, Cyber Astro presents the rise and fall of different aspects of your life in form of a projected balance sheet based on astrological information from your natal horoscope.

What Will You Get?

  •    Introduction to Karma Index.
  •    Detailed Explanation of the actual numerical value of Karma Index
  •    Relation between Karma Index and  the index related to different aspects
  •    Karma Index Graph for the specified time period
  •    Cumulative Karma Index Table depicting 15 or more consecutive days of positive and negative index values for specified time period 
  •    Different Aspects/Indexes of our life
  •    Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly Karma Index Graph
  •    Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly Karma Index Table
  •    Different Index Graph denoting the total Karma Index accumulated in the corresponding years
  •    Different aspects of Karma Index table depicting 15 or more consecutive days of positive and negative cumulative index value
  •    Detailed Dasha Analysis for the specified time period
  •    Year wise prediction through the lens of Karma Index
  •    Answer to specific concern
  •   Suggested Astrological Remedies