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Our horoscope is a map of our karmic journey. We are made aware of where our past karma has brought us and the journey yet to be covered in this life. According to Vedic astrology ascendant, Sun sign and Moon sign are the most important part of any horoscope or birth chart of an individual. Planet Sun provides the energy to sustain in our life whereas Planet Moon provides the ability to understand the things and to express ourselves and to maintain our existence.

The birth chart by date of birth, time and date shows, past karma and present statuesque, just as they are. However, Astrology must not be confused with fatalism. It only interprets what it conceives to be the future of a man as molded by his past karma. Most of us understand the greatness of Sun but many do not give required importance to planet Moon that consists of the subtle yet extremely potent energy which is required in order to create the perfect mind.

This online horoscope or Horoscope by date of birth chart prediction report would give you a detailed prediction on your ascendant, Sun sign, and Moon sign and the prediction on location houses of Sun and Moon along with explaining in detail the elements of your Sun sign and Moon sign.

What Will You Get?

  • Your Birth chart
  • Introduction of Horoscope prediction
  • Your Ascendant prediction
  • The influence of your Sun sign
  • Prediction on House occupied by planet Sun
  • Sun sign Element prediction
  • The influence of your Moon sign
  • Prediction on House occupied by planet Moon
  • Moon sign Element prediction
  • Conclusion