Revati Nakshatra Prediction

Revati Nakshatra

Revati nakshatra, as per Vedic astrology texts, gains its divine power from ‘Pushan’- one of the twelve Adityas. It is a collection of stars in the Pisces constellation with Zeta Piscium as the brightest star and Mercury as the ruling planet. Revati brings prosperity, growth, and vitality to its natives, and those who are born in this nakshatra stand out from the crowd, wherever they go. While Pushan is the presiding deity of the nakshatra, it is female in gender.

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career growth Facts about Revati Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 16:40 - 20:00 20:00 - 23:20 23:20 - 26:40 26:40 - 30:00
Birth Star Name Deh Doh Cha Chi
Varna Brahmin Brahmin Brahmin Brahmin
Vaishya Jalchar Jalchar Jalchar Jalchar
Tara Ati Mitra Ati Mitra Ati Mitra Ati Mitra
Yoni Gaja Gaja Gaja Gaja
Grah Maitri Guru Guru Guru Guru
Gna Deveta Deveta Deveta Deveta
Bhakut Meena Meena Meena Meena
Nadi Antya Antya Antya Antya
Direction North North North North

career growth Characteristics of Revati Nakshatra


If you are born on Revati nakshatra, you’ll be soft-spoken and will be friendly. Highly sincere towards others, you believe in peaceful coexistence and do not poke into other lives. As you are a believer in independent life, you get disturbed if someone enters into your space and would like to keep people out of the line. You do not trust people fast but once you start trusting someone, you do it blindly which later may cause issues. You are ambitious and any setback can deeply disturb you.

Revati nakshatra natives have principles in life and they never compromise ethics which can create issues in life. Whatever the consequence you will not accept anything unethical and would not agree to deviate from your beliefs. You may also be very hot-tempered. Highly religious, you may be rigid in the observance of orthodox culture and principles. You have striking features and would like to be bossy at times. You may also travel a lot, especially for job purposes.

career growth Revati Nakshatra Female Characteristics


A female born on Revati nakshatra would be egoistic and headstrong. She likes to dominate and this causes issues in both her personal and professional life. She is a firm believer in god and follows all rituals and religious practices. While she is honest, she often loses her temper and this can cause disturbance in relationships. She has an orthodox attitude and this is visible in her beliefs and opinions. As she is passionate about relationships, she cares more about society than wealth. The natives in this nakshatra love pets and provide food and shelter for animals.

career growth Revati Nakshatra Male Characteristics


A person born on Revati nakshatra is pure-hearted, soft-spoken and sincere in his dealings. This reflects in both personal and professional life. He never intends to hurt someone’s feelings and does not like someone interfering in his personal life. Trust is a big factor for him and though he trusts someone very late, once done, he trusts completely. Highly ambitious, he is also often stubborn and tough. He overcomes all obstacles and challenges and observes everything with a scientific approach. As per astrology texts, those who are born on Revati nakshatra are also easily susceptible to loneliness and depression.

career growth Revati Nakshatra Education and Profession


As the natives of Revati nakshatra are hardworking and dedicated, they will have a strong tilt towards their job. They will take up any task and would ensure the best is done to accomplish it. You will utilize both intelligence and diligence at work and this ensures growth in the profession. You can be an entrepreneur and can deal with different types of trade. As you are keen to take up any challenge, irrespective of whether you have the experience or skill to accomplish the task, you may be ready to launch businesses as per the market need and end up being successful.

You may also find a living as an artist, painter, author, dancer, or musician. Some of the famous magicians, gemologists, astrologers, hypnotists, and surgeons are born on Revati nakshatra. You may also build successful careers in the aviation, hospitality, construction, and legal sectors.

career growth Revati Nakshatra Female Career and Education


A female Revati would be highly educated and the chances are high that she may be a successful Mathematics teacher or expert in fine arts. She would also be successful as a customer care executive, public relations officer, or lawyer. She can also eye a profession that needs her to interact with the general public, such as an air hostess or administrator. She will have issues related to distraction and whatever career she chooses, she needs to control this habit to be successful. Some female Revati natives also become successful painters, dancers, or musicians.

career growth Revati Nakshatra Male Career and Education


A male born on Revati nakshatra would take up any job irrespective of the experience and this willingness to take up risks makes them professionally successful. If he has decided to accomplish a task, he won’t stop until it is complete. He will be responsible for crucial tasks at the workplace and this ensures his career growth. However, if he faces failure, he may get depressed and may lose confidence, which may impact his mental strength. Some male natives will display an inclination towards historical research, especially in cultures, including astrology and astronomy. He may work hard till the age of 50, after which he can expect to lead a stable and comfortable life.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Revati Natives


Your health will not be the best as frequent uneasiness may cause hardships in life. Fever and dysentery may be common health issues throughout life. Some people may also suffer from ailments affecting the stomach. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and include yoga in your daily to-do task list. You need to control the intake of sugar and oily food and instead add more vegetables and fruits to the menu. Avoid alcohol and tobacco. You should also do regular health tests once you reach the age of 40. Senior Revati natives must carry a medical kit while travelling.

career growth Revati Nakshatra Female Health


Females born on Revati nakshatra may have ailments often. They may suffer from health issues affecting the stomach, feet, and ears. Some female natives also have digestion-related issues after they reach 50 years of age. They need to do regular health check-ups to stay fit for long years. Pregnant Revati natives must also avoid heavy exercise and should not indulge in adventurous activities.

career growth Revati Nakshatra Male Health


While male natives of this nakshatra may face challenges associated with teeth and gums, some people also may have stomach ulcers and ear problems. Fever and dysentery are also common health issues among them.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Revati Natives


While male Revati natives may not enjoy much love from their father and other relatives their married life will be blissful. He would receive love from his wife and children. For female Revati natives, married life will be smooth and harmonious. They will get all comforts at their husbands’ place. Despite occasional tiffs with the in-laws, the marital life would be satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


As per Vedic astrology texts, Lord Vishnu is the ruling deity for Revati while Lord Pushan is the presiding deity.

The natives born on the 2nd pada of Revati nakshatra would enjoy all positive things about the nakshatra.

As the Mercury planet rules Revati nakshatra and it comes under the domain of Jupiter, the natives are mostly born into rich families. Even otherwise, the natives will receive prosperity as they grow up.