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Birth Charts (janam kundli) are usually much more detailed and accurate than the Horoscope Charts. Horoscope Charts consider only the position of the Sun, whereas the Birth Chart includes hundreds of pieces of data. Similarly, the Horoscope may hold some hints of truth, but the Birth Chart explains the real story of one’s natural personality.

Analyzing the planetary positions and relationships in the Birth Chart (janampatri) affords a remarkably profound and revealing glimpse into an individual’s natural character, with inherent strengths and weaknesses. Among other things, one’s Birth Chart explains about the different aspects of a person’s life including what type of partner and relationship one will be best matched with, what type of job or career is best suited for that individual, and obstacles that need to be overruled in that individual’s life. Most importantly, the Birth Chart helps to understand an individual’s desires, motivations, and the overall personality.

For a natal chart to be accurate, it is important to take into account the exact positions of the stars at the exact moment, date and time of one’s birth. Since the houses of the zodiac revolve one degree every four minutes, an accurate time of birth is necessary to determine the Ascendant sign and some other planetary aspects in one’s Birth Charts (janam kundli). Although a Birth Chart can be generated through Vedic astrology natal chart generator without these highly time-sensitive positions, an accurate Birth Chart can only be generated with the exact time, place and date of birth of an individual.