Jupiter Transit Report

Will Jupiter bring Opportunity or Challenges for You?

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Know what effect will the biggest transit of this year bring for you? Explore its potential in your professional, financial and personal life with this Jupiter Transit 2020-21 report.

Jupiter transit is one of the major planetary transit of the year. This transit is considered as one of the most auspicious planetary transit and has extreme importance in the world of Vedic astrology. Jupiter will be transiting into its debilitated sign Capricorn on 20th November 2020 and will continue till 20th November 2021. Planet Jupiter is the guardian of the abstract mind which rules higher learning and bestows upon as a desire for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually but transit in Capricorn is most inauspicious period due to its debilitated sign. Thus, there could be lotst of positive or negative development in the personal, professional and financial aspects of life from this Jupiter Transit 2020-21. 

The planet Jupiter signifies good fortune, luck, and happiness in family life, marital bonding, and fertility. It is also the KARAKA which is a signifier in a female’s birth chart for a husband, children, wisdom and financial stability. Know the favorable Jupiter transit dates with a proper study. Jupiter may be a moderator or jury but it's mostly an honorable helpmate, channelizing you towards the right path. So the transit is definitely going to leave a great impact regardless of what sign you belong to. However, the challenges and changes will have a direct dependency on the planetary movements and the other significant things.  Explore all the possible changes and challenges that may come in different fronts of your life after planet Jupiter transits into its debilitated sign Capricorn with your Personalized Jupiter Transit Report 2020-21.  

What Will You Get?

  •   Brief description of your birth chart
  •   Position of Jupiter in your Natal Chart and its impact on you
  •   Relation of Transiting Jupiter with your natal Jupiter and its impact on your life
  •   Impact of Jupiter Transit into Capricorn on your career, finance, and romantic life
  •   Effect of Jupiter’s Transit into Capricorn by your Moon Sign
  •   Effect of Jupiter’s transit with respect to current Dasha period
  •   Final Conclusion of Transit of Jupiter in Sign Capricorn for the next 12 months
  •   Special Comment on present Primary Concern of your Life.
  •   Most suitable remedial suggestion for Jupiter’s transit into Capricorn