Dhanishta Nakshatra Prediction

Dhanishta Nakshatra

Dhanishta or Sravishta nakshatra, as per Vedic astrology, is the 23rd star in the horoscope and the main characteristic of the nakshatra is symphony and adaptability. The deities of the nakshatra are ashta vasus or eight vasus and the nakshatra is female in gender. The shape of this nakshatra is like that of a circle, pimple, or ashes. Mars is the ruling lord of Dhanishta and the nakshatra depicts wealth and opulence. The natives of Dhanishta will be rich and will spend a lot of their wealth on charity. Anyone born on this nakshatra, as per astrology texts, will be beautiful, sharp, intelligent, and successful.

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career growth Facts about Dhanishta Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 23:20 - 26:40 26:40 - 30:00 0:00 - 3:20 3:20 - 6:40
Birth Star Name Ga Gee Goo Ge
Varna Vaishya Vaishya Shudra Shudra
Vaishya Jalchar Jalchar Manav Manav
Tara Pratyri Pratyri Pratyri Pratyri
Yoni Singha Singha Singha Singha
Grah Maitri Shani Shani Shani Shani
Gna Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa
Bhakut Makar Makar Kumbha Kumbha
Nadi Madhya Madhya Madhya Madhya
Direction South South West West

career growth Characteristics of Dhanishta Nakshatra


On close observation, Dhanishta appears in the shape of a dolphin, which is one of the most intelligent creatures. Similarly, the natives of this nakshatra are sharp and intelligent. You will work hard to achieve the goals and would be highly optimistic. The commitment and dedication will pave the way to success in life. You are mild-mannered and soft-spoken. This makes you a favourite person at the home, office, and outside. A staunch believer of God, you are confident to overcome every challenge in life.

Dhanishta Nakshatra natives have an exceptional taste for music and arts. This inclination makes you a pioneer in arts-related subjects. You have a born talent for leading people. The skill to coordinate a team is an asset that most people don’t have. You can take a group of people with different mindsets together and show a good talent in achieving goals, especially where teamwork is required. You also excel as a troubleshooter, especially when situations arise. As a person born on Dhanishta nakshatra, you are good at multitasking and have a special inclination towards sports. All Dhanishta natives find pleasure in helping needy people and you are no different. You go all the way to help people which can often invite trouble in life.

career growth Dhanishta Nakshatra Female Characteristics


A female born on Dhanishta nakshatra would be highly ambitious in her life. She would be a spendthrift and would not care about spending wealth, inviting trouble on a rainy day. However, she would be humble and philanthropic. She may do anything to help a needy person. The size of wealth she would need to spare would not stop her from that. She would be dominant in her personal life and this can cause friction in her married life. She would be talkative and jovial and would also make friends faster

career growth Dhanishta Nakshatra Male Characteristics


A multi-talented people, the male natives of Dhanishta nakshatra would do anything to obtain success in life. He would be optimistic and at the same time, highly ambitious. Dhanishta natives are honest and straightforward and overcome every obstacle in life. A lover of adventure, a person born on this nakshatra finds a thrill in meeting new people and exploring new places. They do not hesitate to go out of their way to help a friend in need or even a stranger.

career growth Dhanishta Nakshatra Education and Profession


The natives of Dhanishta nakshatra would be highly educated and would grab some of the good professions in the industry. You will see professors, scientists, researchers, accountants, bankers, and administrative professionals among Dhanishta natives. Being highly dedicated and committed, you will be a success on the professional front. You are a troubleshooter in the office and this works when you are in a team or something goes wrong in a client dealing. You would talk positively and are mild-mannered. This makes you a preferred choice during an unpleasant situation.

Almost every Dhanishta native is passionate about arts, especially music and dance. You may become a good dancer or a musician. You can also try your hands at a government job. Most Dhanishta natives, especially male members can be in a responsible and risky position, such as intelligence department or police. You are good at fast decisions and this works well when you are in a critical position like a doctor, nurse, pilot, police officer, or army person.

career growth Dhanishta Nakshatra Female Career and Education


Girls born on this nakshatra would be highly educated and could be a success in multiple fields including teaching and research. Some female Dhanishta natives also become successful authors. You will also see female natives of Dhanishta excel in administrative positions. Girls joining the police, fire force, and technology industries are also common. Some people also become nurses, hospital administration staff, or journalists.

career growth Dhanishta Nakshatra Male Career and Education


Most male natives of Dhanishta become successful professionals. However, you’ll see entrepreneurs born on Dhanishta nakshatra. As per Vedic astrology texts, he will have an interest in music-related works. He can be a success in journalism, media, publishing, movie making, or advertisement. Some of the popular jobs that Dhanishta nakshatra natives pick include army jewelry, goldsmith, athlete, banking, finance management, land and estate business, instrument sales, astrology, spiritual therapy, surgery works, and administration.

However, Dhanishta natives must ensure that the wealth is properly managed to maintain a healthy financial life. He should cut down expenses on luxury and focus more on saving.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Dhanishta Natives


Health is a major factor that all natives of Dhanishta must take care of. As per Vedic astrology experts, the health of people born on this nakshatra may not be sound and they would not be specific about the precautions. This can negatively impact health, especially when the natives reach 40 years of age or more. You need to know ailments related to cough, cold, and anaemia may impact you. To keep your physical health in good condition, ensure you have a pure diet and do regular physical check-ups. In addition, you also must be in the company of people with a positive attitude.

career growth Dhanishta Nakshatra Female Health


Normally, female Dhanishta natives would be careless about their health. But they must know that women born on this nakshatra are prone to health problems such as anaemia, uterus disturbances, cough, and blood-related ailments. She should also ensure to exercise regularly to stay fit.

career growth Dhanishta Nakshatra Male Health


It is normally seen that Dhanishta male natives are impacted by cough, cold, and anaemia. Everyone above the age of 50 years of age must do regular health check-ups.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Dhanishta Natives


Dhanishta natives believe in harmony and will have a good relationship with their siblings. However, your success may make the relative jealous and this can cause issues in the family. The family life would be happy. You may also inherit ancestral property. Female Dhanishta natives will be dominant and will be experts in running domestic affairs. Shedding the ego, females can have a happy family life. She may also have clashed with the relatives of her husband.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The natives of Dhanishta will be experts in dance and music and will also excel in areas where innovation, communication, and technical knowledge are required. They will be sharp, intelligent, and compassionate towards others.

As per Vedic astrology, the 3rd pada of Dhanishta, ruled by Venus is the best as this promises all comforts to the natives.

As per astrology experts, the most ideal life partner for Dhanishta Nakshatra will be Shatabhisha nakshatra and the most challenging life partner will be Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra.