Bharani Nakshatra Prediction

Bharani nakshatra

Bharani, the second nakshatra is associated with Venus, and as per Vedic astrology; it possesses mostly feminine characteristics as its gender is female. A person born on this nakshatra is known to take extreme decisions whether related to happiness or sorrow. Vedic astrology texts also state that Lord Yama is the deity for Bharani and for this reason, the natives will be mostly unaffected by the opinions of others and will be people with determination.

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career growth Facts about Bharani Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 13:20 - 16:40 16:40 - 20:00 20:00 - 23:20 23:20 - 26:40
Birth Star Name Lee Loo Le Lo
Varna Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya
Vaishya Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad
Tara Sampta Sampta Sampta Sampta
Yoni Gaja Gaja Gaja Gaja
Grah Maitri Mangal Mangal Mangal Mangal
Gna Manushya Manushya Manushya Manushya
Bhakut Mesh Mesh Mesh Mesh
Nadi Madhya Madhya Madhya Madhya
Direction East East East East

career growth Characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra


While being sincere in attitude, you are also least affected by others' opinions. You hardly care for criticisms and believe in yourself. Normally, you believe in action rather than words and are always willing to change. As the natives are often vulnerable, you too display this trait which often can be considered negative. The natives of Bharani have wide and big eyes and are good observers. You possess a killer attitude and are always generous and wide-hearted. As you are straight forwards, you hate shortcuts and always prefer direct dealings, be it with persons or situations. As you speak directly from the heart, you hide nothing and always prove to be outspoken. This can often impact relationships but you are least bothered. While you are also forgiving in nature and always accept the apology, this nature is not seen positively by many people around you. This can impact professional and personal affairs.

career growth Bharani Nakshatra Female Characteristics


Females born in Bharani nakshatra will be self-dependent and would never prefer relying upon anyone for bread and butter. She will be attractive and will have white teeth but not properly arranged. As she is bold and impulsive, she never prefers advice and can often be judged as stubborn and arrogant.

career growth Bharani Nakshatra Male Characteristics


Males Bharani natives may not have a likeable character despite being honest and sincere. The main reason is their outspoken attitude. You speak your mind without thinking about the outcome and the results can often be negative. However, you are least bothered and will always stay unpretentious.

career growth Bharani Nakshatra Education and Profession


As Bharani natives prefer to be self-reliant, you are best suited to do business or handle challenging tasks. You will find a job of your own and would excel as a team leader or manager. You would shine in academic courses related to management, advertisement, and creative arts. Bharani natives will make good judges, chefs, restaurant owners, automobile experts, tour guides, travellers, and even good surgeons. You may not find a normal 9-5 job exciting but instead would prefer somewhere you can prove your creativity and proficiency. You may also be successful as an entrepreneur as you may get ample opportunities to bring in innovative concepts.

career growth Bharani Nakshatra Female Career and Education


Females born on Bharani nakshatra will not wait for opportunities but would go in search of them. This will be helpful in making a decent living through a good career. Females will be successful as receptionists, salespersons, and quality controllers. Some girls may also shine as medical practitioners and nurses. Female Bharani natives making a career through sports or sports-related activities are also common.

career growth Bharani Nakshatra Male Career and Education


As Bharani natives possess a strong will, they could succeed in any career where a determination is required. They can be successful in various fields, such as the judiciary, administration, medical science, botany, and sales. The tobacco business is also one of the best options to mint money.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Bharani Natives


While general health would be normal for Bharani natives, females may suffer from menstrual issues. Tuberculosis is also another health concern and must check-up with doctors at frequent intervals. Some people may also get infected with dental problems, diabetes and body pain, apoplexy, ringworms, and malaria. You will believe that food is to be eaten to just survive and will not be a foodie. And hence, food-related issues may not be a serious concern.

However, it would always be good to avoid fatty and greasy food items from the menu and instead consume a high volume of vegetables and fruits. Regular exercise including yoga and meditation can improve both mental and physical health. As most Bharani natives will be afraid of water, extra care should be taken while swimming or bathing in a pond or river.

of Jyeshta Natives

career growth Bharani Nakshatra Female Health


Female Bharani natives may suffer from menstrual disorders, tuberculosis, and uterus complaints in life. Some people may also complain about migraine issues and often severe backache.

career growth Bharani Nakshatra Male Health


Diabetes and blood pressure are common among male Bharani natives. The chances of dental issues are also high and consulting a dentist from an early age is a good option. Severe body ache is another health issue that may impact males born on this nakshatra.

career growth Compatibility and Family life of Bharani Natives


Family life would be most happy and free from chaos. Females with Bharani nakshatra may get married around 23 years of age. She will be the dominant one in all domestic affairs, and yet she will enjoy the complete trust and confidence of her spouse. As she can be stubborn in many matters, the spouse needs to be extra patient. She also may clash with in-laws due to her aggressive attitude. Men would be caring and would consider the family to be above everything. He would be a good father and might get married between 26 and 30 years of age. He may have more sons than daughters. Being creative in life, Bharani natives would prefer to experiment with new things in family life, making it interesting. This includes annual family vacations and celebrations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Bharani, the second star of nakshatra has Lord Yama as its deity. As per Hindu mythology, Lord Yama decides our good and bad deeds to decide justice. And to the impact of Lord Yama, the Bharani natives are highly determinant in life.

Yes, the zodiac sign of Bharani is Aries and as Arians, the Bharani natives are loyal, intelligent, confident, and competitive.

Revati is the most compatible nakshatra for Bharani. Vedic astrology also suggests Hasta, Swati, Shravana, and Purva Ashada as compatible stars for Bharani when compatibility is analyzed based on animal yonis. And compatibility is when guided by birth stars guided by the signs of lion and tiger, Bharani matches most with Chitra, Dhanistha, Purvabhadrapada, and Vishakha nakshatra.

Yes, Bharani is one of the most auspicious nakshatras for childbirth. The second nakshatra in the horoscope displays the qualities of Venus and any native would have attributes like nurturing and creation. There are considered highly positive and hence, being born on Bharani nakshatra is auspicious.


Going to extremes is a characteristic of Bharani. The natives take extreme positions whether it is related to love, anger, disappointment, and happiness. Maintaining a balance is not common among the natives and hence, it is always considered a fierce nakshatra.

As per Vedic astrology, Bharani natives should live in ‘South facing’ and must avoid ‘North facing’.