Complete Life Prediction

The In depth Analysis of Complete Life

Price:  80 | 5100

What are the personal, professional and financial prospects that will stay balanced in your life?  What are the changes that you should make in order to be more productive and successful in life?  Get answers to all your anxieties and concerns related to the most important front of your life and plan it ahead with Complete Life Prediction Report.

Life is a gift from the Almighty who decides and writes three-fourth of our fate and leaves one-fourth in our hands that takes shape on the basis of our own Karma. Neither is our life stagnant nor are the stars and planets that govern us. The Vedic Astrology deals with seven planets and two lunar nodes and how they influence you as per their positioning in your chart at the time of your birth. However, these planets are not stationery and their movement through the Vedic Sky allows individuals to adopt a distinct route in their life path and impacting their lives in different ways. The progress of life through the years gathering experience and attaining maturity is the true story of life.

The Complete Life Prediction Report provides an indepth and detailed analysis for whole life on different aspects of life. It will cover your health, profession, business, romance, family life, marriage, finance and lot more as a full life horoscope. Our expert astrologer will analyze your Vedic horoscope based on the date, time and place of your birth in order to predict occurrences and happenings in your life. Get all your answers with full life prediction and address the quadrant of destiny that remains in our control and leads a better and fulfilling life, which in turn aids in a positive karmic journey. 

There is a cosmic mystery that different planets pull us in different directions causing confusions, wrong moves, while maturity and experience helps us to choose the correct dimension. With the comprehensive and elaborate life horoscope, you can get accurate life prediction by date of birth and a customized overview of your entire past, present and future. This report is prepared using the ancient and mathematically precise principles of Vedic Astrology. In a nut shell, this report gives you a complete analysis of your life right from the time you were born till the time you are destined to bid adieu to the world.

What will You Get

  •    Your Personal Birth Details.
  •    Explanation of your Horoscope Chart.
  •    The natal promise of different planets in your birth chart.
  •    Interpretation of three pillars of your horoscope chart.
  •    Different Planetary Yogas in your birth chart.
  •    Some Karmic Indicators in your birth chart.
  •    Life in general: Different aspects of your life.
  •    When the natal promises of each planet will manifest in your life.
  •    Analysis of Vimsottari Dasha periods for whole life.
  •    Graphical presentation of Benefice index for the different main period of planets.
  •    Answer to your specific primary Concern.
  •    Astrological remedies to enhance prosperity & happiness in life.