Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Prediction

Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

Uttara Ashadha, the 21st nakshatra in the horoscope, bridges the signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn in the astrology chart as has the Sun as its ruling planet. The nakshatra has the tusk of an elephant as its symbol and is female in gender. The nakshatra is all about achievements, success, righteousness, and truthfulness, and the natives will be ambitious. Vishwadeva, as per Vedic astrology, is the deity, and those who are born on this nakshatra will be spiritual.

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career growth Facts about Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 26:40 - 30:00 0:00 - 3:20 3:20 - 6:40 6:40 - 10:00
Birth Star Name Bhe Bho Ja Jee
Varna Kshatriya Vaishya Vaishya Vaishya
Vaishya Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad
Tara Vipata Vipata Vipata Vipata
Yoni Nakula Nakula Nakula Nakula
Grah Maitri Guru Shani Shani Shani
Gna Manushya Manushya Manushya Manushya
Bhakut Dhanu Makar Makar Makar
Nadi Antya Antya Antya Antya
Direction East South South South

career growth Characteristics of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra


The natives of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra would be highly ambitious. You will be hard working and would aspire to bring in positive results. Your goal is to achieve material success. You are multi-talented and would succeed in every task you put your hands on. You have attractive physical features, which include a well-proportioned body with a broad head and a tall figure. In addition, you may also have a long nose with bright eyes.

Those who are born on Uttara Ashadha would be strong believers in god and destiny. This helps them stay strong even on turbulent days. The Uttara Ashadha natives prefer a simple life, and despite holding high positions, they do not believe in flaunting power. However, life may bring in unpleasant incidents, and you may need to face them with courage. Failures do happen, but they may not have any impact on you.

You may not trust someone easily, but once you start trusting, you can do anything for him. Despite someone annoying you, you may not use harsh words and instead walk away from the situation. As you never create trouble, you are loved by everyone in the office and outside.

career growth Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Female Characteristics


The females born on Uttara Ashadha nakshatra are known for their stubborn nature. Despite being clean-hearted, they go aggressive on occasions. This can rise to serious misunderstandings among relatives and colleagues at the office.

However, the female natives will be simple in nature and prefer a normal living. They never believe in a pompous lifestyle and would be god-fearing. Most girls born on this nakshatra would be good-looking with striking features. They may have a wider forehead, large nose, attractive eyes, beautiful teeth, and stout bodies.

career growth Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Male Characteristics


Those who are born on this nakshatra would be dedicated and hard-working. Highly ambitious, the men born on this nakshatra will ensure that they will not relax till the goal is reached. Highly dedicated and sincere, the boys from this nakshatra will excel in their professional life. They will have sharp features with attractive voices and eyes.

The chances are high that the males born on this nakshatra will be famous. These natives are the ones who practice what they preach. They are never hypocrites and have excellent communication skills. Sometimes, they display no sympathy for others which can be counted as a negative attribute.

career growth Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Education and Profession


Most people from this nakshatra would be highly educated and would become successful in their respective jobs. Sincerity backed with dedication would play a major role in professional success. As the natives are highly ambitious, you do everything to accomplish the assigned tasks at the office.

You prefer staying away from controversies and never doing anything that can impact the job. Be it in education or professional life, you will be ahead of your friends. You may not trust anyone very fast but once you start trusting, you will do that blindly and this may often impact the professional relationship. Be cautious before you blindly trust someone on office matters.

Sometimes, you can be an emotional person who may fall prey to flattery. This behavior can cause problems in the office. You will never take any hasty decision but indulge in full consultation with trustworthy people before making the final call.

career growth Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Female Career and Education


Most females born on this nakshatra would be highly educated and this helps them be in reputed positions. It is seen that female native of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra become teachers and bank employees. She could even make expensive spiritual progress or become a renowned writer with support from the cosmos.

career growth Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Male Career and Education


The dedication and sincerity will help a male native of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra to be successful as a banker, surgeon, or government officer. Some male natives also become successful sportsmen, including boxers, athletes, or badminton players. He may also be an expert in martial arts, including judo or karate.

As per Vedic astrology texts, many natives of this nakshatra also become entrepreneurs. However, ensure the partnership deed is properly signed and do not let him dictate things. The leadership qualities and communication skills also make the natives good as politicians and preachers.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Uttara Ashadha Natives


Health will be a major concern for Purva Ashadha natives from childhood. Some people may suffer from indigestion and resultant constipation. This may continue for long years till middle age or more. You need to be highly concerned about your diet. While you may be inclined toward spicy food, the more you avoid it, the better your health will be.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol and those who smoke should quit it as early as possible. It is important to have more vegetables on the food plate. Reduce the intake of junk food that can impact your health. Start doing yoga and spend time with people who have a positive attitude as this is crucial for mental health.

career growth Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Female Health


The general health of female natives of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra will be good. However, they may face ailments such as gastric, hernia, or uterus problems. The more care is given, the better the health will be.

career growth Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra Male Health


While male natives of this nakshatra may face different ailments since childhood, the major health issues that they may face as growing up will be indigestion and resultant constipation. As he may also suffer cuts and injuries, he needs to be careful while using sharp objects including knives.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Uttara Ashadha Natives


Though male natives of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra may face a different setback in life, those will help them grow up as strong children. As per astrology experts, between the ages of 28 and 31, there will be significant changes in his family, including married life.

Fortunately, the marital life will be successful. However, the female natives of this nakshatra may not have a happy married life. She may be separated from her husband for professional reasons, which may turn her towards spirituality.

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A native of Uttara Ashadha nakshatra will be blessed with leadership quality, achievement, and commitment to duty. You may see success in different areas, and it can be confidently stated that the nakshatra is a good one to be born in.

In Sanskrit, Uttara Ashadha means ‘Supreme Victory’, also known as Uthradam in Tamil and Malayalam.