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Gemstones are usually recommended by expert astrologers based on one’s horoscope. It is also very important to wear the right Gemstone as per your natal chart as right gemstones strengthen fate and destiny and wrong one’s produce sickness and suffering.

Ruby Gemstone

Natural Ruby

Natural Ruby Gemstones or Manik is recommended by astrologers to be worn for getting ultimate success and growth in businesses, jobs, social status and self-confidence and also people with a deficient Sun in their birth chart.

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Pearl Gemstone

Natural Pearl

Natural Pearl is highly rare and considered extremely auspicious in the world of Vedic astrology. It increases your mental stability and strengthens the power of planet Moon.

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Red Coral Gemstone

Natural Red Coral

The Natural Red Coral gemstones are advised to be worn by Vedic astrologers to boost the energy of Mars in an individual’s horoscope and provide them stability and success in different fronts of life.

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Emerald Gemstone

Natural Emerald

Natural emerald helps an individual to benefit in all the important aspects of life and has a high influence of planet Mercury. Let this precious Natural emerald gemstone enlighten your life with positivity.

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Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Natural Yellow Sapphire

The Natural Yellow Sapphire gemstone represents Planet Jupiter and is worn for achieving professional success, marital bliss and improved mental and physical being.

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White Sapphire Gemstone

Natural White Sapphire

Natural White sapphire is the alternative for diamonds representing the planet of Beauty and wisdom, Venus. This gemstone can help in improving our artistic skills, beauty, passion and affection in personal life.

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Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Natural Blue Sapphire

Wearing a Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone promotes the attitude of being careful, strong, profound and confident. The gemstone represents planet Saturn and is the ultimate source of positivity.

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Hessonite Gemstone

Natural Hessonite

A Natural Hessonite Gemstone also known as Gomed is ruled by Rahu planet in our birth chart can put magical effects in the life of its wearer by impacting the Karma Indicators controlled by Rahu.

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Cat's Eye Gemstone

Natural Cat's Eye

According to the Vedic astrology, natural Cat’s Eye gemstone represents the Planet - Ketu, which symbolizes our past karma and wearing it can actually give your wisdom and a great intellect.

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