Krittika Nakshatra Prediction

Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika forms a cluster of six stars in the sky at night, as Vedic astrology calls it a source of power and energy. As per the ancient Indian texts, the nakshatra has the Sun as its ruling planet and Agni or Fire as the deity.

In Sanskrit, Krittika means the cutter and any person on this nakshatra possess the traits of the Sun, fire, and the cutter. This means you are sharp, intelligent, and helpful, and someone can also be a good advisor for different solutions in life. While being cordial, you are also highly egoistic and will not take up suggestions that may impact personal freedom.

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career growth Facts about Krittika Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 26:40 - 30:00 0:00 - 3:20 3:20 - 6:40 6:40 - 10:00
Birth Star Name Aa E U Ai
Varna Kshatriya Vaishya Vaishya Vaishya
Vaishya Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad
Tara Vipata Vipata Vipata Vipata
Yoni Mesha Mesha Mesha Mesha
Grah Maitri Mangal Shukra Shukra Shukra
Gna Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa
Bhakut Mesh Vrishbha Vrishbha Vrishbha
Nadi Antya Antya Antya Antya
Direction East South South South

career growth Characteristics of Krittika Nakshatra


While being intelligent and benevolent, you will also be self-centred to an extent. You may not prefer fame and name and would do anything to help others. You work hard to achieve but may lose attention on the way, which can be a negative trait.

While being cordial to everyone, you may also cut down a friendship if that questions your freedom. Self-pride is something you value the most and would not let anything hurt your esteem. You are a good listener and a master organiser but show immaturity at times.

As you run from one project to another without completing the previous one, your career may take a hit. While you are determined, you may also face hiccups in your personal life. Female Krittika natives may be sensitive but do not succumb to emotional blackmailing.

While many people judge females to be arrogant and strong-headed, they can also be emotional by heart. You look attractive and love cleanliness. When it comes to your life, it is all about your rules and doctrines.

career growth Krittika Nakshatra Female Characteristics


Females born on this nakshatra will be highly sensitive, but that doesn’t mean they can be emotionally influenced. As they will be a mixed bag of emotions, they tend to be stubborn to stay free from influences, and this trait is often miscalculated to be stubborn and arrogant.

As often she is guided by sudden emotions, she gets upset faster and may indulge in frequent fights both at home and office. This can negatively impact office life and often act as a hindrance to professional growth.

career growth Krittika Nakshatra Male Characteristics


A male born on Krittika nakshatra, as per Vedic astrology, will be a good-hearted person with an amiable attitude. However, extreme egoism plays a spoilsport in relationships. While he is sharp and intelligent, impatience prevents him from obtaining his goals in life.

Personal freedom is a major matter for him, and anything that may impact his freedom will not be tolerated. He can be so harsh that even friendships will be discarded to protect freedom.

career growth Krittika Nakshatra Education and Profession


It is seen that most Krittika natives leave home for studies, and they find a job away from their birthplace. The job that suits the best includes the government sector, service sector, and arts. Business is a good option but partnership should be avoided for horoscope reasons. The businesses that suit the best include export, pharmaceuticals, and handicraft items.

Professionals will also find sectors related to engineering and medicine attractive. However, Krittika natives tend to be slow workers and would need to fasten their belts to be successful professionals. Police, lawyers, judges, and fire brigade consists of many Krittika natives. Any business related to baking, tailoring, textiles, and metals is also a good option.

career growth Krittika Nakshatra Female Career and Education


Most female Krittika natives are not keen enough to learn and grab a job as they tend to be happy being housewives. As they are not highly educated, they would be working at plantations, agriculture fields, and constriction sites. However, they are exceptions and some are highly educated to be successful doctors, lawyers, and management experts.

career growth Krittika Nakshatra Male Career and Education


As men born on Krittika are most focused, they will launch a business or join the service sector and may excel in their areas. Some people may also join government services. Businessmen may focus on the export and import of handicraft items, pharmaceuticals, and electronic items.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Krittika Natives


A major concern for Krittika natives is health. You may have ailments related to appetite and dental problems, weak eyesight, tuberculosis, wind and piles, brain fever, accident, wounds, malaria, or cerebral meningitis are common among people born on this nakshatra. It is also mostly observed that people born on Krittika neglect their health and follow an unhealthy diet that can seriously impact their physical well-being in the long run.

You must be highly conscious about what you eat. Follow a healthy diet and include fruits and vegetables on the menu. While smoking is highly harmful to the lungs, the early you kick out the habit, the better your health will be. Regular exercise, meditation, and frequent health check-ups, especially after you reach your forties are a must to stay healthy. Do not hesitate to take medicines and should not take medical advice seriously.

career growth Krittika Nakshatra Female Health


As Krittika natives may be moody and get into fights, mental stress is a major concern. Often eyesight can get weaker by the middle ages. Some women born in Krittika nakshatra can also suffer from tuberculosis.

career growth Krittika Nakshatra Male Health


Krittika male natives may suffer from a couple of ailments related to poor diet habits. Malaria, diabetes, dental issues, and tuberculosis may impact their health. While driving two-wheelers and cars, extra care is required as accidents may also happen.

career growth Compatibility and Family life


You will have a happy married life and your spouse will be honest, loyal, and loving. As you prefer caring, you would also give the same care to your partner. Sometimes, male Krittika natives may have to live separately from the family for a long time due to unavoidable circumstances, including job or medical issues for a close relative. This may cause a struggling time in married life.

Most male Krittika natives will have a love marriage. Female natives may face a few challenges in life including childlessness and separation. In certain cases, females may have delayed marriage. There are instances where they got married even at the age of 37. Some female natives may also face tiffs at in-laws' homes as there can be a clash of opinions and interests. As females mostly are misjudged as stubborn, it is better to tie knots with someone whom you already know.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Krittika natives are sharp and intelligent and would excel in professions related to government service, business, and law. The natives may be strong and fierce and the Sun, fire, and the cutter. They will be independent and also make good friends.

As per Vedic astrology, the most ideal life partner for Krittika Nakshatra will be Jyeshta Nakshatra and the most challenging life partner will be Rohini, Shravana, Swati, or Vedic astrologyUttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra.

In Sanskrit, Krittika or Kartika refers to an open star cluster or a cutter. As the name suggests, the people born on this star will be strong-minded and wise.

Agni or fire is the god for Krittika nakshatra, and the ruling planet is the Sun. As a result, the nakshatra possesses the spirit and attributes of both fire and the Sun. Anyone born on this nakshatra will be strong and confident and would never succumb to insults and emotional blackmailing.