Shatabishak Nakshatra Prediction

Shatabishak Nakshatra

Shatabhisha nakshatra, as per Vedic astrology texts, is also known as ‘the veiling star’ and is ruled by Saturn. It is spiritual and has healing powers. Shatabhisha in Sanskrit means a hundred physicians and got its name for the healing power. Varuna is the presiding deity of Shatabhisha nakshatra and the natives are highly dedicated and determined.

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career growth Facts about Shatabishak Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 6:40 - 10:00 10:00 - 13:20 13:20 - 16:40 16:40 - 20:00
Birth Star Name Go Sa Si Su
Varna Shudra Shudra Shudra Shudra
Vaishya Manav Manav Manav Manav
Tara Sadhaka Sadhaka Sadhaka Sadhaka
Yoni Ashwa Ashwa Ashwa Ashwa
Grah Maitri Shani Shani Shani Shani
Gna Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa
Bhakut Kumbha Kumbha Kumbha Kumbha
Nadi Aadi Aadi Aadi Aadi
Direction West West West West

career growth Characteristics of Shatabishak Nakshatra


The natives of Shatabhisha nakshatra believe in certain principles and would not let anything destroy their morals. While being soft-hearted and religious, you are also brave. You are helpful and will accomplish all the responsibilities without fail. Your intentions are quite strong and elevated and when you decide to do something, you will complete it with utmost dedication. The natives of Shatabhisha nakshatra are blessed by Lord Varuna and Lord Mitra and they might have an association with aeronautics, aviation, and other atmospheric endeavours.

You are highly emotional and will not hesitate to sacrifice self-interest to stand by morals. You are stubborn and would stand by a decision at any cost. Once you take the final call, there is no turning back, which may often cause problems in life. You don’t believe in flaunting and prefer leading a modest life. You maintain a limited circle of friends and prefer not to go out for help. While being religious, you are also acutely rational and scientific.

career growth Shatabishak Nakshatra Female Characteristics


A girl born on Shatabhisha nakshatra will be calm and subtle. However, she may lose her temper occasionally, especially when provoked. Her memory is worth mentioning. Highly religious, she finds happiness in pilgrimages and practising rituals. A big drawback of girls born on this nakshatra is that they lack a happy married life. There will be quarrels in the family which may impact the mental peace. Highly sympathetic, she goes to any extent to help others expecting nothing in return.

career growth Shatabishak Nakshatra Male Characteristics


A male native of this nakshatra would be religious, pious, and sincere. He values honesty more than wealth and would not compromise when his integrity is questioned. He is stubborn and this attitude is more visible on occasions where tough decisions are needed. He may not relent for anyone and also would not change his opinion just to appease anyone. This may create issues in his life but he is least bothered. He may be soft and gentle but may go aggressive when provoked. However, he may cool down within minutes. He finds happiness in modesty and never flaunts anything.

career growth Shatabishak Nakshatra Education and Profession


The influence of Jupiter, Lord Varuna, and Lord Mitra make you inclined toward education. Most natives have good knowledge and this helps in becoming professionally successful. Psychology is a prominent field where Shatabhisha natives excel. You can also become an exponent in astrology. Some other prominent professions where Shatabhisha natives prove their mettle include medical science, hospitality, aviation, armed forces, law enforcement, and marketing.

The inclination towards arts can make you successful in arts, acting, music, painting, and modelling. There are famous neurosurgeons, photographers, and yoga trainers born on this nakshatra. You can also try your hands in baking, plastic manufacturing, and petroleum-related industry. The pharmaceutical industry is another area to try luck.

career growth Shatabishak Nakshatra Female Career and Education


Most female natives of Shatabhisha would be inclined toward science or science-related subjects. And, naturally, they choose a profession associated with science. They make good doctors, nurses, aviation specialists, teachers, scientists, and psychologists.

career growth Shatabishak Nakshatra Male Career and Education


A male native of Shatabhisha may face professional challenges up to the age of 34 but after that, there will be continuous progress. You will see a male Shatabhisha native practising astrology, psychology, and healing arts. As he is also good in literature and arts, he will come into the limelight even when he is very young. Some natives make good artists, especially in acting, writing, and painting. A male born on this nakshatra can also excel as a doctor or a scientist.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Shatabishak Natives


You may seem to be healthy but the reality will be different. You may face ailments of multiple types. Low immunity is a major concern. This may cause frequent infections which if left unchecked can become serious with time. You may also face urinary ailments, breathing trouble, and diabetes. It is crucial that you consult a doctor whenever necessary. Do not miss out on medications and always ensure a medical kit is there while travelling.

You need to stick on to a healthy diet. Avoid oily and greasy food and include more vegetables. Green salad should be a part of the regular menu. Drink plenty of water and also exercise regularly to stay fit. Yoga and meditation are two options to keep ailments away. Pregnant Shatabhisha natives should avoid adventurous activities. Similarly, you need to follow all traffic rules while driving.

career growth Shatabishak Nakshatra Female Health


A serious health issue that most females born on Shatabhisha nakshatra bear are urinary infection. Drink a lot of water to stay healthy. Most females also suffer from uterus disorders. As per astrology texts, female natives of this nakshatra are also likely to be prone to colic troubles and chest pain.

career growth Shatabishak Nakshatra Male Health


Male natives of Shatabhisha nakshatra should stay away from alcohol and smoking as they will ruin their physical health. The astrology experts state that male natives may suffer from breathing ailments and are requested to consult a doctor to treat this problem. Urinary infection is another major ailment that you may suffer but these issues may not be as serious as you assume. He is also prone to diabetes and the consumption of sugar must be avoided at any cost.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Shatabhisha Natives


Male natives of Shatabhisha may face challenges in their personal life, especially from the near ones. You may have the habit of helping everyone but what you may get back will not be good. There may be friction in the relationship with siblings and the father may also be of no help to him. However, he may receive love from his mother. The family life may not be smooth despite the wife being religious, obedient, and sincere. Similarly, the female natives too suffer domestic problems throughout their life. She may have to bear a long separation from her husband for a few years or may even get separated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The natives of Shatabhisha will be highly dependent on others. They may be excessively stubborn and would not listen to anyone, causing issues in their personal life. Similarly, their health may also not be perfect as they may have low immunity and suffer from many ailments.

As per Vedic astrology texts, the 4th pada is the best for Shatabhisha nakshatra.

The texts of Vedic astrology state that Ceylonese Gomed is the best stone for Shatabhisha nakshatra.

Dhanishta nakshatra is the most compatible for Shatabhisha. Other compatible nakshatras include Krittika, Ardra, Aslesha, Purvaphalguni, Uttarphalguni, and Hasta nakshatras.