Rahu Greh Shanti Pooja

The Rahu Greh Shanti Pooja is performed to minimize the evil influences of Rahu.

Price:  255 | 15000

Rahu is considered to be an evil and shadow planet in Vedic astrology. Its influence often leads to greed, overconfidence, elusions or fantasies. A person might encounter problems in enjoying the traits of the planet/s that are under the influence of Rahu in his/her birth chart. In general, its affliction may cause:

Lying and Misunderstanding


Its impact may make someone lie or fall for someone else's lies. It can lead to misunderstanding and false beliefs that make it hard to see the truth.

Problems with Addictions and Obsessions


Its evil influence might make a person addicted to drugs and bad company. The individuals, who act in this way may hurt themselves and find it hard to stop.

Scandals and Disputes


Rahu is a mysterious planet and related with scandals and disputes. The individuals under its influence might get involved in controversies that malign their image in society and lead to defamation.

Problems with mind


The impact of Rahu may make one feel stressed, anxious or paranoid. It has lot of energy, which can make mind too busy or restless.

Unethical Gains


People under its influence may be tempted to become rich and successful by adopting illegal means/short cuts, which can have bad effects in the long run.

Karmic Debt


It is believed that Rahu brings karmic debts from past lives into the present one. Its evil effects could be a sign of ongoing karmic problems that need to be handled with spiritual practice.

The evil influences of Rahu may be minimized by reciting mantras or getting Rahu Greh Shanti Pooja performed by learned priests.

Programme followed During the Yagna

  • Shanti Path
  • Sankalpa
  • Ganesh,Kalash and Navagraha Pooja
  • Special Shanti ritual for planet Rahu
  • Chanting of Rahu Beej Mantra
  • Havan
  • Purna Aahuti
  • Aarti
  • Pushpanjali
  • Shreyodaan - Transferring the energy of Yagna to the beneficiary through Mantras


What will you get after the Yagna

  •    Soft link of Video capture during the Yagna
  •    An energized reel of "Kalava" or holy string.
  •    Holy Yajna ashes from the Homa fire
  •    As per traditional practices the offerings (prasadam) will be given for your consumption.