Ashwini Nakshatra Prediction

ashwini nakshatra

The first nakshatra in the horoscope has a horse head to feature its constellation and it signifies power, strength, vitality, courage, and ability at swift action. A person born on Ashwini will have these traits in their behaviour. Ashwini natives will be more tactful and people of action. As per Vedic astrology, Ashwini Kumaras will be the deity of the star; a touch of charismatic sophistication and style is also to be traced amongst the natives.

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career growth Facts about Ashwini Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 0:00 - 3:20 3:20 - 6:40 6:40 - 10:00 10:00 - 13:20
Birth Star Name Chu Che Cho La
Varna Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya
Vaishya Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad
Tara Janma Janma Janma Janma
Yoni Ashwa Ashwa Ashwa Ashwa
Grah Maitri Mangal Mangal Mangal Mangal
Gna Deveta Deveta Deveta Deveta
Bhakut Mesh Mesh Mesh Mesh
Nadi Aadi Aadi Aadi Aadi
Direction East East East East

career growth Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra


The males born on Ashwini will be adamant but always silent. A true friend, he is reliable and would go to any extent to help others. While the males are handsome with bright faces and big eyes, the girls born on Ashwini will talk sweet and will be pure-hearted. While being modern in attitude, females will have respect for traditions and would be accommodating. Those who are born in Ashwini nakshatra will be courageous and may shine in administrative roles. There will be a child-like innocence that helps in making new relationships.

While they love the freedom of expression and thoughts, they are also aggressive at times which can be a negative trait. Speed, energy, and activeness are their traits. While being intelligent and understanding, the person can also be a good advisor in agony. A positive attribute is that the person would not jump into anything without analyzing the multiple factors. This will be of great help in difficult situations in life. While being a strong believer, an Ashwini-born person can be your true friend.

career growth Ashwini Nakshatra Female Characteristics


The female natives of Ashwini would be a mix of sweet and sour. They would be good at catching attention and would instantly receive praise for their behaviour. Most female Ashwini's would be loud, flaunty, and fun-loving. They would be highly devoted to the family and would be good at multitasking. While being professional, females would also diligently take care of the house. There would be stress but the women would be able to suppress the stress for the family.

career growth Ashwini Nakshatra Male Characteristics


As Ashwini will have a strong dominance of Ketu, the males born on this nakshatra would be handsome and may have a large circle of friends. However, the large circle of friends will also influence their style of living making them extravagant. Too many parties, vacations, and celebrations may impact the wallet. While they are hard-working, they cannot tolerate criticism and this may seriously dent their professional life. This attribute would invite criticism and they may be branded as stubborn and stiff.

career growth Ashwini Nakshatra Education and Profession


You will be best suited for every job as Ashwini-born persons are jack of all trades. As art is in your blood, learning music or painting will be helpful. You may be successful in anything related to arts and creativity. However, females will be most suitable for administrative roles. Power, pressure, or anything else will not make you budge or change the stand. As you may be afraid of criticism, there can be issues in taking hard decisions in the profession. Though you will be able to earn well from your job, you may not be saving high as much of the wealth will be spent on luxury. Males will have a tough time in their early 30s in the profession. Females will work smoothly till their 50s. After they cross 50 years of age, females would prefer to spend their life in a comfortable zone. Whatever challenges you may face in life, your faith in God will be unscathed. Females would also like to contribute to social work and may become a part of NGOs for a cause.

career growth Ashwini Nakshatra Female Career and Education


Females born on Ashwini nakshatra would succeed in administrative responsibilities and may sometimes even join civil services in the government sector. Banking is another area to excel. As females would be good in diplomacy, they can also be successful in sectors where patience is required.

career growth Ashwini Nakshatra Male Career and Education


Most Ashwini male natives would be good at multitasking and would be an expert in multiple areas. This will help them in picking up a profession of choice, which may widely range from arts, music, science, finance, and education. The peak time in professional life would be after 30 years of age and this will continue till 55 years of age. He would need to join a job with a good pay scale as the extravagant lifestyle would drain a major share of his wealth.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Ashwini Natives


Health will be mostly good though minor ailments may happen in life. Mental wellness is a major factor in life and handling senior responsibilities may impact mental health. Pay extra attention to mental health and indulge in light exercises. Yoga and meditation can be helpful. Putting extra pressure on the brain can negatively impact you. You would need to be extra careful while cooking on fire and while driving especially on two-wheelers. You also need to wear a helmet or a seatbelt and must also follow every traffic rule. A thorough body check–up after reaching 50 will be a good decision.

career growth Ashwini Nakshatra Female Health


Normally, female Ashwinis are free from serious health issues. Generally, mental stress is the only major issue that a female Ashwini native may need to undergo. And the main reason is the professional challenges one has to face. The job pressure may cause anxiety and may also impact the functioning of the brain in the long run. She needs to be careful while driving and also while cooking on the fire.

career growth Ashwini Nakshatra Male Health


Seasonal ailments may be common for most Ashwini natives. They may suffer from cough, cold, and viral infections. Digestion issues may also be common among them and care should be taken about what is consumed every day.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Ashwini Natives


Persons born on Ashwini nakshatra will love their family. There is sincerity and honesty in life and this will make the family life joyous and colorful. There can be tiffs within the family, especially with siblings. You may also sometimes face challenges outside the close-knit family, including maternal relatives. However, interestingly, you may also receive maximum help and support from relatives outside the family. Normally, the marriage may take place between 26 and 30 years. Your love life may be eventful and there will be turmoil. If your marriage takes place after 30 years of age, you can expect many negative things like a separation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


As per Vedic astrology, Ashwini Kumaras are the deities for Ashwini nakshatra. It even got the name from the deities who are master physicians as per Vedic beliefs. This is the major reason that the natives are safe from major ailments.

Swati and Revati are the most matching nakshatras for Ashwini. And the least compatible Nakshatras for the Ashwini Nakshatra female natives are Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra natives.

A person born on Ashwini nakshatra possesses power, strength, dignity, swiftness, courage, and is also endowed with vitality.