Tarot Card Reading

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Welcome to our Tarot Reading Services! The Tarot cards are a set of 78 cards and each of them is having unique image and symbols. These cards are divided in two categories i.e. the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and represent significant of events life or spiritual lessons. However, the Minor Arcana is a set of 56 cards, which are further divided into four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands. Each suit represents different aspects of life such as emotions, finances, intellect and creativity. These cards are being used to gain insight into the past, present and future. They are considered as powerful medium for self-reflection and understanding the possible challenges in life.

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Uses of Tarot Reading

  •    Tarot cards may help you to explore your thoughts and feelings to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your life.
  •    The Tarot readings can provide guidance on specific issues and help in taking important decisions, may be regarding professional career, relationship dilemma or personal challenge/s. The cards can offer insights and suggestions.
  •    These cards may be used for spiritual growth and development by getting connected with your intuition and inner wisdom, fostering a sense of peace and enlightenment.
  •    Tarot cards may offer glimpses of possible outcomes based on prevailing circumstances. This can help you prepare for potential challenges and seize upcoming opportunities.

Whether you are new to tarot or an experienced seeker, our expert tarot readers are here to help you navigate your life's journey by providing online consultations. If you wish to explore the wisdom of tarot cards, visit our website to book a tarot reading session.