Shravana Nakshatra Prediction

Shravana  Nakshatra

Shravana nakshatra is known by different names in different parts – Shravan, Sravan, and Thiruvonam. The 22nd nakshatra is the ‘Star of the Learning Ear’ or the ‘Star of Listening’ and is connected to Goddess Saraswati, the lord of music and arts. The natives of the nakshatra have got the ability to bring people together and would be inclined towards the arts. The term Shravana denotes hearing which symbolizes learning and listening. While the ruling planet for the nakshatra is Jupiter, as per Vedic astrology, the deity is Lord Vishnu. Shravana is male in gender and those who are born on this nakshatra may excel in academics, arts, and music.

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career growth Facts about Shravana Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 10:00 - 13:20 13:20 - 15:00 15:00 - 16:40 16:40 - 20:00 20:00 - 23:20
Birth Star Name Khi Khu Khu Khe Kho
Varna Vaishya Vaishya Vaishya Vaishya Vaishya
Vaishya Chatushpad Chatushpad Jalchar Jalchar Jalchar
Tara Kshama Kshama Kshama Kshama Kshama
Yoni Vanara Vanara Vanara Vanara Vanara
Grah Maitri Shani Shani Shani Shani Shani
Gna Deveta Deveta Deveta Deveta Deveta
Bhakut Makar Makar Makar Makar Makar
Nadi Antya Antya Antya Antya Antya
Direction South South South South South

career growth Characteristics of Shravana Nakshatra


As the nakshatra is associated with Goddess Saraswati, the natives of Shravana nakshatra will be inclined towards arts and music. You may have attractive physical features with striking eyes. Normally, you will be short and may have a mole or any mark on the face. You will have a set of principles in life and you may not compromise on it. You are a man of hygiene and would want everything clean and in order. Highly emotional, you may be sympathetic to everything and will help anyone who is in need. Often, this can put you in difficult situations. You are an expert in welcoming guests and cherish good hygienic food.

As per the texts of Vedic astrology, anyone born on this nakshatra will have strong organizational capabilities that bring order cleverly. The nakshatra imparts leadership, wisdom, and knowledge to the natives. While being helpful, you never expect anything from anyone. Unfortunately, for every positive deed, you get back only negative feedback and this may impact morale. While being a staunch believer, you may also face ups and downs in life which you will overcome with faith in destiny and the almighty. You will be good at multitasking and will also lead a simple life. There will be a hesitation towards fame and you value self-esteem highly. Anything that may question your integrity will not be taken lightly.

career growth Shravana Nakshatra Female Characteristics


Anyone who is born on Shravana nakshatra may obtain achievements and flourish typically at a later phase of life. Most female natives of this nakshatra will be highly educated and will have good listening abilities. She will be extremely organized. However, a big drawback of the females born on this nakshatra is that they cannot hold secrets. She will be compassionate and will always stretch out her assistance to those who need it.

career growth Shravana Nakshatra Male Characteristics


The male natives of Shravana nakshatra would incline toward arts and music. They will be patient listeners and would be good troubleshooters. Those who are born on this nakshatra will keep up excellent relations with everybody. In addition, they will also value relationships. The family bonding will be stronger and will get involved in every activity they undertake.

career growth Shravana Nakshatra Education and Profession


The association of Shravana nakshatra with Goddess Saraswati makes you highly educated. Almost every Shravana will be an expert in multitasking and this helps you in your professional life. You may succeed as a teacher, preacher, trainer, researcher, translator, or psychologist. If you get appointed to a higher or more powerful position, you will get lots of benefits.

You love to take on more responsibilities and this helps you grow in your professional life. You may need more wealth to meet up the demands in life and this drives you to better career options in life. Your determination is well displayed while completing the job in the office. As you have a set of principles in life, you may often face a clash of opinions. There can be a clash of ethics as well in the office.

Most Shravana natives will be perfectionists who seek complete perfection in all things. As they want their tasks to be completed without flaws, they may face a few clashes at the office but a mild-mannered attitude will help resolve them. You believe in planning and attaining success by performing effective calculations of risks. As you are good at talking sweet and creative, you would succeed in jobs that require client handling and effective communication. Some people also become good anchors or radio jockeys.

career growth Shravana Nakshatra Female Career and Education


Some Shravana female natives may not be highly educated but they would be inclined towards arts and music. However, the lack of education may make them take up menial jobs. But most girls born on this nakshatra will be good dancers. There are women Shravana natives who make a career in teaching, psychology, counseling, and travel.

career growth Shravana Nakshatra Male Career and Education


The male natives of Shravana nakshatra may face challenges in their professional life. Though they would be successful in preaching, teaching, academic-related jobs, research, technology, and petroleum, the success would come late, often after 30 years of age. The period between 30 and 35 years is crucial. Some male Shravana natives also become good musicians, actors, advertisement makers, and designers.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Shravana Natives


Most Shravana natives will have strong physical and mental health. You may not be a victim of serious ailments as you will be conscious of your diet. You need to cut down the intake of sugar as you grow old. Reduce foods that are rich in oil and fat. Avoid tobacco and alcohol as both impacts your physical health. At the same time, include vegetables into the diet and exercise regularly to stay physically fit. Yoga and meditation are two good options for a healthy life. When you reach 50 years of age, you must do regular medical tests and should also consult a doctor whenever needed. You must also follow all traffic rules while driving both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

career growth Shravana Nakshatra Female Health


While the general health for many female Shravana natives will be fine, some people may face suffering from skin diseases for which they need to consult a doctor. This often may occur in the later stages of life. She may be vulnerable to eczema and tuberculosis.

career growth Shravana Nakshatra Male Health


Just as female natives of Shravana nakshatra, the male natives may also suffer from skin ailments. Ear or hearing issues are another serious health concern. It is always good to consult a specialist whenever the need arises. Some people may also suffer from tuberculosis and digestive system-related ailments.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Shravana Natives


For female natives, family life would be full of happiness. They will get a loving and caring husband. However, being a perfectionist, she may look for perfection in every relationship which may bring unhappiness. She will receive love from her husband and children and even her in-laws will be affectionate towards her. A male native will have a successful married life. His wife will possess all the good qualities of a housewife and will take very good care of him. However, he may often have occasional flings outside the marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Yes, the natives of Shravana nakshatra, as per Vedic astrology, will have a happy professional and married life, free from serious health issues.

As per Vedic astrology, the most ideal life partner for Shravana Nakshatra will be Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra and Bharani Nakshatra and the most challenging life partner will be Magha Nakshatra.

In Sanskrit, Shravana means hearing. In the context of Indian astrology, this refers to listening to holy hymns to attain moksha.