Magha Nakshatra Prediction

Magha Nakshatra

Magha means magnificent and the nakshatra got its name from the royal and respectable position it imparts on the natives. It is ruled by Ketu and is the brightest star in the horoscope. While most of the nakshatra is ruled by Devtas, Magha is ruled by Pitra, the ancestors of the human race. Those who are born on this nakshatra will obtain success in their personal and professional life. The natives will also be blessed with all material benefits.

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career growth Facts about Magha Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 0:00 - 3:20 3:20 - 6:40 6:40 - 10:00 10:00 - 13:20
Birth Star Name Ma Mee Moo Me
Varna Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya
Vaishya Vanchar Vanchar Vanchar Vanchar
Tara Janma Janma Janma Janma
Yoni Mushaka Mushaka Mushaka Mushaka
Grah Maitri Surya Surya Surya Surya
Gna Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa
Bhakut Simha Simha Simha Simha
Nadi Antya Antya Antya Antya
Moon Sign Lord SUN SUN SUN SUN
Direction East East East East

career growth Characteristics of Magha Nakshatra


Those who are born on this nakshatra will be multi-talented. You will be hard-working, sincere, and honest and will strive the best to achieve your goals. You will have striking features with a prominent neck. While male natives will have hairy bodies, females will have long hair. Men who are born on this nakshatra will be short in height and would be highly traditional. You will devote valuable time to the expansion of your culture and be actively involved in various cultural activities. You would value relationships and will never do anything that may hurt someone.

The natives of Magha nakshatra would be attracted to materialistic pleasures and would attain significant positions in life. And this may often attract potent enemies. As you are highly egoistic, you would never let anyone hurt your self-esteem. While having deep relations with government departments and prominent persons, you will also be attracted to arts and scientific subjects. You are soft-spoken and mostly have control over your emotions. However, you may also get angry at times, which must be controlled. While accumulating material wealth, you are also attracted to spirituality and religion.

career growth Magha Nakshatra Female Characteristics


Highly religious, the female Magha natives will go to any extent to help others. However, they are fond of quarrelling and are short-tempered, which will cause serious issues in relationships. She is attracted to material comforts and will enjoy them throughout her life. But this passion for materialistic life may also cause hiccups in the future. She is capable enough to perform both her domestic and professional responsibilities and would be always happy to the extent of her support whenever you approach her.

career growth Magha Nakshatra Male Characteristics


A male born on Magha nakshatra will be highly talented and will not hesitate to take up challenges. He is highly emotional and will display patience while dealing with others. As he is peace-loving, he tends not to hurt others’ feelings and always respects the emotions of the second person. He has got an appetite for humour. While being god-fearing and making friends, unknowingly he also makes a lot of enemies.

career growth Magha Nakshatra Education and Profession


A Magha native will incline towards studies and this will help in making a good career. As you are sensitive and straightforward, you may have tiffs at the workplace. You may not be ready to compromise in life and this can impact your professional life. However, your sincerity will help you climb the ladder of success in your professional life. Once you make a decision, you would stick to it and this may lead to ego clashes at the workplace. You need to learn to compromise, especially while working in a team.

You can be a good entrepreneur as it will help you reap profit. And dealing with historical artefacts is a good idea. Similarly, being a lawyer, law enforcement officer, public servant, lecturer, or scientist is a good idea. You can also excel as a leader or a politician as you are good at negotiating. Interior designing, architecture, the construction industry, and hospitality are also suitable areas where you can excel.

career growth Magha Nakshatra Female Career and Education


As per Vedic astrology texts, if Jupiter is placed in Magha, a female native will hold a very high post in her professional life. She can be a senior government official or a judge. She may also excel as a politician. She is also likely to get married to a very rich man and will lead a luxurious life.

career growth Magha Nakshatra Male Career and Education


A male born on this nakshatra may have to wait till the age of 27 to find success in the profession. But as most of the natives will be from affluent families, there won’t be financial hiccups in life. A male native of Magha may change the field multiple times before settling on one. You need to ensure that you don't get distracted in life when trying to work on building your career, as it will be fatal for you. He may be sincere and hardworking and this paves way for success in his professional life.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Magha Natives


While your personal and professional life would be successful, you may not find the same flow in your health as there can be multiple ailments throughout your life. You may face multiple ups and downs as you might suffer from asthma, cancer, and night blindness. Cancer, asthma, and epilepsy are found in many Magha natives. You must do frequent detailed health tests once you cross 40 years of age. In addition, you must also follow all medications.

Avoid all types of junk food and instead, fill in the diet chart with green salads and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and skip aerated drinks. You must make exercise a part of the routine. Do yoga or meditate in the early morning to stay healthy and fit for long years. You should also quit smoking and alcohol consumption. Follow all driving rules while driving a car or riding a two-wheeler.

career growth Magha Nakshatra Female Health


Some natives of the Magha Nakshatra are likely to have eye problems, hysteria, uterine trouble, blood disorders, and jaundice. It is important to treat the ailment before they grow and go out of hand. There can also be issues with the eyes and the head area.

career growth Magha Nakshatra Male Health


Male natives need to be cautious about their eyes as they may suffer issues around the eyes, affecting vision. Some people may also suffer from night blindness. There won’t be serious medical issues till they reach the age of 50. However, after that, the natives may be at risk of cancer or asthma.

career growth Compatibility and Family life


Most Magha natives will have a happy and smooth married life. He may have to take care of younger siblings but he will do that without complaining. However, a female Magha native will have issues at home, especially after the marriage. She will have friction with the in-laws and as she is short-tempered, she will not be able to adjust to the husband’s family, causing troubles in the marriage. If she succeeds in controlling her anger, she will succeed in having a happy married life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Magha nakshatra natives are mostly born into affluent families and will not face financial troubles in life. Similarly, they will hold authority, reputation, domination, and social respect. In addition, the natives of this nakshatra would also be successful in their professional life.

As per Vedic astrology experts, the compatible nakshatras are generally Ashwini, Mrigashirsha, and Ashlesha. The incompatible nakshatra is Chitra.

According to Hindu astrology concepts, Rahu is the ruling planet for Magha.