Mind & Body Compatibility Report

What is Connecting Force Between Partners?

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In our quest for the perfect life, we must keep looking back and forth involving our mind and the body through the magnifying glass of Vedic astrology. Our sensuous and inquisitive mind is the impulse of Kama – This word is widely used but in a limited sense. This is a personalized and private report, for two people contemplating a relationship or already in an intimate relationship. It will help you understand each other’s desires and needs and inherent nature. Finally, it will show you how you can take this relationship to the realm of bliss and have a stable relationship. .

From ancient times, the word has had a connection with sexual pleasures and intimate relationships. Our behavior and subconscious urges may or may not be in harmony. If they are, there is nothing like it and one’s sexual profile is fully integrated. What remains to be seen is our manifestation of the innermost desire and to find a partner who will complement in order to achieve the flow of one soul through the merging of two minds and bodies.

Are you in a relationship or contemplating to form a relationship? Then you should know, the state of Mind of both of you as well as Connecting Force between two of you. Do you complement each other on a mental and physical level? Do you consider a deep bonding between two of you to have relationship goals? This online deliverable Mind and Body Relationship Report will tell you the compatibility between two of you on a mental level as well on the physical level during intimate moments.

What Will You Get?

  • Introduction
  • The State of Mind of Partners
  • The Connecting Force between partners
  • The Power of Action of partners
  • Seventh House Analysis and Your Generic Traits
  • Overall Seventh House Compatibility