Mars in Marriage

Manglik Dosh Analysis and Prediction

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Having many obstacles in getting married? Do you have Manglik dosh in your birth chart? What are the probable reasons of having constant issues in your way of marriage? Find out all about this here! Get the help from Marriage report along with the perfect guidance by our experts.

Everybody knows that marriage is an essential part of human life. One should always get married at a certain age. If people are facing a constant delay in getting married or facing problems in married life for so long, it can be due to wrong positioning of planet Mars in your birth chart. Being Manglik is the biggest cause of troubles in your aspects of marriage. How to remove Manglik dosh from your birth chart can be explored with Marriage report and the Manglik dosh solution can be found out with the help of the team of our expert astrologers

Taking an account of the positioning of Mars in two charts and their respective positions, astrologers will foretell positive and negative effects posed by Mars and accordingly suggest astrological remedies to harmonize Martian energy and neutralize Manglik affliction. Want to get relief from this Affliction and enjoy your love and romantic life, get your Mars and Marriage Report now. Because of the Mangal dosh, there can be constant hurdles in your way of getting married; there is a certain age in which people who are having Manglik dosh can get married.

What Will You Get?

  •    Natal chart analysis of both the partners.
  •    Mars in Marriage Analysis
  •    The Manglik Affliction of Mars
  •    Mars Position in two charts.
  •    Mars effect in respective houses in individual chart.
  •    Effect of Mars in respective signs.
  •    Nakshatra Milapak-Summary
  •    Appropriate Astrological Remedies suggested favoring the Mars in your marriage sector and nullify its evil effects.
  • Comment on your primary concern