Balarishta Yantra

Ultimate Protection to Your Child

Price:  70 | 2500

Balarishta Yantra helps cure diseases in childhood and ward off evil and life threatening situations. It will also protect the child from any physical danger and gives him / her sound health.

Bal means child and Arishta means misery which would literally mean the misery or misfortune of a child. Many a times we are told that Balarishta Yoga means the death of a new born which is not true in all cases. Death of an infant befalls only if Balarishta yoga is intense and is excessively malefic in nature.

If your child is not well and is suffering from any ailment from birth, then that can be because of any malefic planet in his/her chart. One such Yoga is the Balarishta Yoga  which gives the child immense problems  like ailments, disease and other physical problems, especially up to 3-4 yrs of age and in many cases may also cause death of an infant.

Planets in the natal horoscope are placed in such a way that it wields strong unfavorable influences which may make a child suffer repeatedly from ailments some of which could prove life threatening. It is very important to protect the child and therefore remedy must be sought by propitiating the planets responsible for such an unsatisfactory state of affairs.

What Will You Get?

  • Energized Balarishta Yantra
  • Holy water Ganga Jal & Incense stick to reenergise.
  • A simple step-by-step wearing procedure of Yantra.

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