Purva Ashadha Nakshatra Prediction

Purva Ashada Nakshatra

Purva Ashadha nakshatra is also known as Jal Nakshatra for its characteristics. The 20th nakshatra, as per Vedic astrology, has Venus as its ruling planet and is a distributor of things and information. It is male in gender and Apas is the Hindu deity. The nakshatra has a fan as its symbol or its practice of fanning information around the world and is highly philosophical in nature. The nakshatra also has an elephant’s tusk and ivory as other symbols which represent inner beauty and wisdom, which are the latent and potential spiritual faculties.

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career growth Facts about Purva Ashada Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 13:20 - 15:00 15:00 - 16:40 16:40 - 20:00 20:00 - 23:20 23:20 - 26:40
Birth Star Name Bhu Bhu Dha Pha Dh
Varna Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya Kshatriya
Vaishya Manav Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad Chatushpad
Tara Sampta Sampta Sampta Sampta Sampta
Yoni Vanara Vanara Vanara Vanara Vanara
Grah Maitri Guru Guru Guru Guru Guru
Gna Manushya Manushya Manushya Manushya Manushya
Bhakut Dhanu Dhanu Dhanu Dhanu Dhanu
Nadi Madhya Madhya Madhya Madhya Madhya
Direction East East East East East

career growth Characteristics of Purva Ashada Nakshatra


People born on Purva Ashadha nakshatra will be adventurous and quite active. You are creative and will always have innovative ideas which help in the office. Highly optimistic, you will have solutions to come out of adverse situations. The natives of Purva Ashadha nakshatra will have the ability to climb the social ladders and prove to be successful leaders in society. They will be popular in the office and outside.

While the natives of Purva Ashadha nakshatra, as per Vedic astrology texts, will have sharp and striking features, they will also be highly judgemental and often good at debating. The argumentative skills may often be helpful but mostly can have an adverse impact. This attitude may put you in a bad light. While being helpful, you may also receive a lot of criticism. The inability to take strong and instant decisions is another drawback of the natives of Purva Ashadha nakshatra. A big advantage that Purva Ashadha natives may receive is the unexpected support, both financially and personally, that you may get from unknown persons. You will also be poor at maintaining permanent relationships.

career growth Purva Ashada Nakshatra Female Characteristics


Females born on Purva Ashadha nakshatra will be energetic, enthusiastic, and intelligent. She will be ambitious and this will help her grow in her professional life. No matter the situation, she will overcome the hurdles in life. Highly outspoken, she may make others uncomfortable with the talking but the female native of Purva Ashadha is least bothered. She never bothers about expressing her opinion and this may create misunderstandings about her.

career growth Purva Ashada Nakshatra Male Characteristics


A male native of Purva Ashadha nakshatra will be dedicated and committed to meeting the desired goals. He will be energetic and enthusiastic and will take up every challenge that comes his way. He is determined to make things happen. A person born on this nakshatra is famous for making hasty decisions and even if the decision goes wrong, he will be least ready to accept it. A big advantage of a male native of this nakshatra is the ability to win debates. This will help in many areas but can also be disastrous in certain cases. He can win admirers and will be ambitious. In addition, he also possesses the utmost patience in life.

career growth Purva Ashada Nakshatra Education and Profession


Most natives of Purva Ashadha nakshatra will be highly educated and well placed in professions. Some of the people born on this nakshatra will make good doctors, especially surgeons. As you are committed and dedicated to the profession, you will be appreciated at the job place and would receive hikes and perks sooner. While you are a little introvert, you also display adventurous behaviour which can help you get challenging jobs, especially when you are into police, armed forces, fire force, or any job that involves risks.

A major challenge in professional life will be your hesitation to take up decisions. You stand thinking over issues and may be hesitant to take immediate decisions. You need someone to push you to make the final call which at times can be riskier in the profession. Some of the best suitable jobs for people born on Purva Ashadha nakshatra are teaching painting, marine export, and acting. You can also try your hands at writing as astrology texts find you becoming a successful author.

career growth Purva Ashada Nakshatra Female Career and Education


As Purva Ashadha nakshatra female natives will have a good education, finding a good job won’t be a tough affair. Teaching is a popular profession among girls born on this nakshatra. However, doctors are also not far behind. You may also see many females belonging to this nakshatra excel in the fields including music, acting, fine arts, fashion designing, and hotel management.

career growth Purva Ashada Nakshatra Male Career and Education


The males born on Purva Ashadha nakshatra are mostly adventurous and this makes them a perfect fit in the armed forces, police, and fire force. They also become good biologists, agriculture experts, painters, and restaurant managers. Though you will see many Purva Ashadha natives becoming entrepreneurs, it is good that they avoid partnerships as partners may financially cheat them.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Purva Ashada Natives


As per the texts of Vedic astrology, the body parts that come under this nakshatra are hips, thighs, nerves, back, Hepatic blood glands, and spinal cord. You need to be highly cautious about these parts as health issues may impact their performance. Always ensure you have a healthy diet, packed with cereals, vitamins, and proteins. Add more salads to the menu and reduce the intake of coffee and tea. Skip sweet and oily items and also quit smoking for good.

You need to consider the health advice with more attention especially when you reach the early forties. Regular health check-ups are necessary to prevent ailments before they attack you. Ensure all medications are taken on time and senior Purva Ashadha natives should be more concerned about health.

career growth Purva Ashada Nakshatra Female Health


The general health of women will be good. However, it is good to take care of health as some female natives may suffer from minor ailments. There are females born on this nakshatra suffering from uterus and thigh-related ailments.

career growth Purva Ashada Nakshatra Male Health


While the male natives of this nakshatra may look healthy from the outside, this won’t be the same from the inside. There can be health issues that may disturb him, especially nerve or spine-related issues. He may also contact incurable diseases.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Purva Ashadha Natives


You may hardly get financial benefits from your parents. However, your siblings will be of great help to you and the treasure you receive may be deposited somewhere abroad. Male natives may have a late marriage but the married life will be pleasant and jovial. The married male natives may be more attached to the in-laws. A female native of Purva Ashadha will be a happy and good homemaker. She may receive love from her husband and the married life will be blissful. However, she may not receive any help from the children.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


As per Vedic astrology texts, black is the lucky colour for this nakshatra.

The best match for Purva Ashadha Nakshatra male and female is the Revati constellation.

Purva Ashadha is a Sanskrit name and Purva means early and Ashadha means invincible. The name as per astrology texts means ‘the early invincible one, which indicates eagerness, power, and steadfastness.