Shree Yantra

Enhance 'Shree' (prosperity) all around you

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Shree Yantra is an all-round benefiting device that helps to bring prosperity and opulence in one's life. Installing a Shree Yantra in one's home or at the place of work will protect from all Vastu deficiencies. and its best astrology remedy for financial gain It purifies the environment and it helps to create wealth and prosperity, not only for the individual but also in the entire environment surrounding the individual. This is not just a myth it is a tried and tested process.

Shree Yantra is the personification of Goddess Lakshmi herself, the symbol of the Goddess of bounty and plenty. Since ancient times, it has been a common practice to install a Shree Yantra at the gate of all Hindu temples. This Yantra is said to possess the powers to remove all negative vibrations and energies from the environment. Meditating with Shree Yantra harmonizes and optimizes all legitimate goals in our life.

It is the most powerful geometrical Yantra for peace and prosperity. Its design is based on the intersection of nine triangles that provides an astrological remedy for money. Four of these triangles point upward and five downward. The four upward pointing triangles are the Shiva triangle (Male or Yang forces) and five downward pointing triangles are Shakti or Durga triangles (female or Yin forces). A combination of these nine triangles makes Shree Yantra the most dynamic of all Yantra to get wealth.

For best results, we will recommend two Shree Yantra, one for home and one for the workplace. Five minutes meditation on Shree Yantra with the recommended mantra every day will do wonders to increase all-round wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Shree Yantra

  • Keeping Shree Yantra Grants fortune both at work and home.
  • Chanting Shree Yantra at home helps to overcome Vastu deficiencies.
  • Shree Yantra placed at your workplace Assures fame and good Luck.
  • Keeping Sri Yantra with you clears out the success path for you.
  • Chanting Shree Yantra enhances spiritual energy.
  • Shree Yantra brings order in life.
  • Shree Yantra Locket Provides mental peace and harmony.
  • Shri Yantra is an astrological remedy for wealth.


What You Will Get with Shree Yantra

  • Energized Shree Yantra with Shri Chakra and Mantra engraved.
  • Holy water Ganga Jal & Incense stick to reenergize.
  • A simple step-by-step procedure to place Shree Yantra.

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