Ashlesha Nakshatra Prediction

Ashlesha nakshatra

The energy of Mercury and the strength of the serpent God come together to make Ashlesha nakshatra a sharp and influential star in the horoscope. The ruling deity of the nakshatra is ‘Naga’, which according to Vedic astrology has supreme powers. The star is female in gender and has Lord Vishnu as the ruling deity. The natives of this nakshatra are sharp, responsible, and, efficient.

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career growth Facts about Ashlesha Nakshatra:

Nakshatra Pada 1 2 3 4
Moon Sign Degree 16:40 - 20:00 20:00 - 23:20 23:20 - 26:40 26:40 - 30:00
Birth Star Name Dee Doo De Do
Varna Brahmin Brahmin Brahmin Brahmin
Vaishya Jalchar Jalchar Jalchar Jalchar
Tara Ati Mitra Ati Mitra Ati Mitra Ati Mitra
Yoni Marjar Marjar Marjar Marjar
Grah Maitri Chandra Chandra Chandra Chandra
Gna Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa Rakshasa
Bhakut Karka Karka Karka Karka
Nadi Antya Antya Antya Antya
Direction North North North North

career growth Characteristics of Ashlesha Nakshatra


Ashlesha, as per Vedic astrology, is strongly connected to Nagas or serpents and the word ‘Shlesha’ on the root means to embrace or cling to something just as a serpent. As the nakshatra is strongly associated with serpents, the natives will be profoundly wise and will possess supernatural knowledge. You are protective and will go to any extent to save your friends and family. The protective nature also makes them actively fight for social causes which often brand them as a rebel or crusaders.

You have got excellent communication skills and you will utilize this to champion your concepts. The presence of the serpent will also make you highly spiritual in life.

Ashlesha natives will also have dual personalities as they seem to be compassionate but would be cunning and deceptive. Your eyes are hypnotic and you can comfortably charm people. This makes you a success in politics. Sometimes, you tend to be dishonest, which is a major native trait. The natural urge to reach the top position moves you and this makes you ambitious which also has a negative tone.

career growth Ashlesha Nakshatra Female Characteristics


Self-control will be the major trait of females born on this nakshatra. However, they may not be caring enough and this can create a ruckus in a relationship. She would be too shy and will possess a high level of morality. An expert of words, she may play well with them and would win arguments in both home and office. She may also demand a high level of respect from people around her.

career growth Ashlesha Nakshatra Male Characteristics


Just as a serpent, male natives of this nakshatra may be too cunning and less compassionate. He may not show benevolence and would also not be caring, even to his parents. However, the ability to convince others and lead people may help to be a successful politician. Though he may not be sympathetic to everyone, he will also not discriminate against people on the basis of wealth.

career growth Ashlesha Nakshatra Education and Profession


There is a strong urge to study and this means that just academic qualifications but even life experiences make you learn new things. Commerce or arts subjects are best suited for Ashlesha natives as they will be successful in professions related to them. You would be successful as an administrator and as a professional and may witness ups and downs in life. Businessmen may face major financial debacles between the age of 30 and 40. However, after 40 years of age, huge profits will come to you. Those who are keen to do business should prefer something related to petroleum, chemicals, tobacco, and tourism. You will also be successful as a journalist, teacher, psychologist, yoga trainer, and nurse. Running a provisional or a grocery store is also a good option to make income.

career growth Ashlesha Nakshatra Female Career and Education


As most girls will be educated, they would succeed in becoming good professionals. They would be successful as administrators or can be good teachers, trainers, or medical professionals. Some females also become journalists, television anchors, and artists including singers and painters. Ashlesha females who are less educated can be seen as traders who sell fruits and fish.

career growth Ashlesha Nakshatra Male Career and Education


He will see professional success in the middle ages. Before that, there can be many ups and downs in professional life. However, once he reaches the age of 40, financial success would happen in his life. Businessmen may initially face financial losses but in the later stages would make windfall gains. The smart communication skills backed by a shroud personality would help in becoming a successful businessman or entrepreneur.

career growth Health and Wellbeing of Ashlesha Natives


The body parts that come under Ashlesha are the lungs, esophagus, liver, middle part of the stomach, and pancreas and you need to be extremely cautious about these parts. You may suffer from joint pains, hysteria, jaundice, and indigestion. Mental disturbance is also another health issue that an Ashlesha native may face in life. You may have issues related to bone treaty, elbow, knee, nail, and ear.

Many male natives also use drugs which is a serious offense. To stay calm, you need to practice yoga and meditation. Always maintain a positive attitude and stay away from people with bad vibes. Keep control over the diet once you cross middle age. Frequent medical check-ups are a must. Follow all traffic rules while driving and wear a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. Senior Ashlesha natives must consult a doctor whenever needed and should take a walk every morning or evening to stay healthy.

career growth Ashlesha Nakshatra Female Health


Normal health would be fine. However, female Ashlesha natives may need to be careful about joint pains, dropsy, jaundice, indigestion, and hysteria in the later stages. It is also seen that some females suffer from mental breakdowns.

career growth Ashlesha Nakshatra Male Health


Male Ashlesha natives may suffer from joint pain in both legs and hands. In addition, some people have also reported having flatulence, jaundice, and digestive problems in their life. What is more worrying is that a few Ashlesha male natives may also get addicted to narcotic drugs.

career growth Compatibility and Family Life of Ashlesha Natives


The willingness to take up the responsibility of the family makes an Ashlesha native a loved person in the family circle. You may understand the feelings and emotions of everyone in the family and would be willing to support them. However, for male Ashlesha natives, the major issue will be the reluctance of the spouse to support his efforts. She may not be able to understand him and this can cause issues between the spouse and his parents. Females born on Ashlesha nakshatra will make good wives. She would very well take care of the in-laws but will not receive back the same affection. This can mentally disturb her.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


As per Vedic astrology findings, a few female Ashlesha natives may suffer from joint pains, dropsy, jaundice, indigestion, stomach aches, and hysteria. Some ladies may also have nervous breakdowns in the later stages.

Pushya nakshatra is the most compatible nakshatra for Ashlesha female natives for a marriage relationship. However, Uttara Ashada is the most challenging one that needs to be avoided for a happy and successful marriage relationship.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of Ashlesha nakshatra and it adds traits such as calculative abilities, intellect, and analytical abilities to this nakshatra.

As per Vedic astrology, Mesha or Aries is the Rashi for Ashlesha nakshatra and the characteristics are influenced by the Rashi.