Taurus Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope

cyberastro Taurus Weekly Horoscope:- Taurus natives excel in harmonious situations. Your dedication and honesty in both office and personal life can bring happiness. But is this week in your favor? We bring out the best Taurus weekly horoscope predictions, based on which you will understand the personal and professional life. Our predictions help you know what to expect in romantic relationships and how your health will be. In addition, knowing the financial status, you will be in a better position to decide on investments.


15 July - 21 July
Stand for your principles, for they are the very foundation of your strength.

Taurus Weekly Career Horoscope Prediction

This week, you would experience firm hold at work. Making strong efforts with devotion towards work can take you closer to the desired goal in the professional area. It is the right time for a long term project, as these are aligned to your patience and persistence. Just avoid office politics and focus on your skills and knowledge. Your practical approach would gain respect from colleagues and seniors.

Taurus Weekly Finance Horoscope Prediction

This week you would get stable flow of money. Potential improvement in income through secondary sources or side business can be seen. It is the right time to clear all your pending debts. Do not indulge in speculative investment or financial commitment. Plan your budget cautiously to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Taurus Weekly Romance Horoscope Prediction

You would enjoy a soothing and comfortable phase regarding your love life. Small gestures of appreciation can lead to strong bonding between both of you. Time is favourable for sharing plans and commitments guaranteeing security.Be accommodating and flexible to maintain harmony and see the vibes of love in the air.

Taurus Weekly Health Horoscope Prediction

You may undergo minor health issues related to throat or neck. Keep drinking plenty of water and avoid cold drinks. Enrich your diet with fruits and vegetables. A health check-up might prove beneficial. Enjoy your timely sleep pattern to avoid stress related problems.

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