Libra Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope

cyberastro Libra Weekly Horoscope:- When you have an idea of how the coming week will be, planning official and personal tasks will be easier. Read the accurate Libra weekly horoscope predictions and understand whether the week will be positive for financial decisions, relationships, and legal decisions in life. You can also understand the health matters in advance.


26 Sep - 2 Oct
You need to be a little patient and things will change for good!

Libra Weekly Career Horoscope Prediction

You will not find this week to be an entertaining one for you, says Libra weekly horoscope. You will lose your patience at times and exhibit signs of frustration which is because of the pressure from your work. Situations will not be very favorable to progress in work. This will greatly affect your confidence levels. To regain what you ought to have in your professional life, it is very important to make a positive outlook. Colleagues will not be co-operative with you and you will not get the due recognition from your superiors.

Libra Weekly Finance Horoscope Prediction

If the possibility of exploring some new business avenues has been on your mind for a while, this week brings the perfect time to take the plunge, advices Libra weekly predictions. You are likely to go in for an option that will allow you engage in business with parties in the international arena, which will be very lucrative over time. Keep your eyes open for great property investment deals open to you. You will be able to earn some extra money by the end of this week and this will help you in building up a good reputation in the society too.

Libra Weekly Romance Horoscope Prediction

This week will be no less than a blessing for you when it comes to your love life. Singles will find this week to be really lucky for them as their proposal to their love interest is likely to get accepted. Married couples may have arguments in the initial days of the week. If you want to ensure a cordial relationship, make sure you don’t get any issue unsolved, says Libra weekly predictions. It is an auspicious time both for your parent’s acceptance on your relationship and getting a date for your engagement or marriage.

Libra Weekly Health Horoscope Prediction

If you are planning to shed some extra kilos, it is very important to stick to your routine habits, says Libra weekly horoscope. Tread very carefully, as an injury through an accident is indicated. Just take it easy and you can avoid any major problems. Be mindful of your actions in order to avoid accidents and calamities. No major problems should occur, and you generally are feeling fine, so just take it easy. Pregnant women should stay punctual with their meals and medication.

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