Leo Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope

cyberastro Leo Weekly Horoscope:- Will your dedication and talent work out in benefit in the office? Can a project take off despite deadlocks? Know your office life this week. The Leo weekly horoscope predictions accurately analyze what is in store for you in the office. Even your professional life is discussed covering health, relationship, education, and finance.


4 Dec - 10 Dec
Be ready for the game changer

Leo Weekly Career Horoscope Prediction

Your job may not satisfy you this week as the tasks would be too tough and the deadlines are too closer. Those who work in a team need to take along the team members to accomplish the task. Some clients may not be happy with your performance and may complain about your attitude. You may also feel victimized at the workplace. Be creative and innovative and present new concepts with substantial examples to convince superiors. This may work but the outcomes may not be completely satisfying. Businessmen should also stay away from serious business decisions this week.

Leo Weekly Finance Horoscope Prediction

There can be minor financial issues but not all natives would be affected. Some Leos may receive wealth from different sources. You may also get income from freelancing or a part-time job that will benefit you. Utilize this money to purchase home appliances, electronic products, and jewelry. You may repair your home but this week is not good to buy a property or vehicle.

Leo Weekly Romance Horoscope Prediction

The relationship may have serious issues and you need to expect the worst including a breakup. The reasons may be simple but the handling was not fair, which led to the collapse. But this may not be true for every relationship and many natives still may find areas where they can resolve the crisis. And those who doubt that not everything is fair in the relationship must talk openly to understand the root cause. You may also take the help of a counselor or parents to troubleshoot the crisis.

Leo Weekly Health Horoscope Prediction

All those who have cardiac, lung, or blood pressure-related issues need to be careful. Senior natives may develop sleep-related problems and consult a doctor. Office pressure may also be a reason for insomnia. Yoga and meditation can keep you mentally fit this week. You also need to replace oily and greasy food with a healthy diet comprising fruits, vegetables, nuts, and milk.

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