Capricorn Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope

cyberastro Capricorn Weekly Horoscope:- It is easy to strategize life when you have the Capricorn weekly horoscope prediction in hand. We bring out findings on your career, health, finance, and relationships. Learn and decide how to take over the issues and accept the positives both in professional and personal life.


4 Dec - 10 Dec
Believe in yourself; the world will believe you

Capricon Weekly Career Horoscope Prediction

New opportunities await you at the office this week. On the way to the office, phone calls from clients may disturb you as they are unhappy over specific things. Your senior may assign responsibilities that may sound unrealistic but you will succeed in accomplishing them. Some people at the office may complain about your performance but the management would consider it nothing more than gossip. Entrepreneurs can launch new ventures and also sign new partnership deals.

Capricon Weekly Finance Horoscope Prediction

You will be financially good this week and no serious needs would arise. This means you could spend on luxury or home appliances. This week is auspicious to purchase a vehicle. As gold is a good source of investment, you may buy it in the second half of the week.

Capricon Weekly Romance Horoscope Prediction

Some problems may happen in your love life and you need to resolve them right away. This week, talk with your partner and understand what has gone wrong and how to fix the issues. Compromise is needed in a relationship and never hurt the partner with words. Some people may experience a breakup while a few single natives may find love. Your marriage may also get a hit as the spouse starts feeling uncomfortable with you.

Capricon Weekly Health Horoscope Prediction

There can be minor health issues and you need to be highly concerned about the wellness of senior Capricorn natives. Heart and lung issues can disturb you and consult a doctor immediately when you feel uneasiness. You should avoid drinking cold drinks and alcoholic beverages this week and instead replace them with fruit juices. Some females also may develop gynecological issues. Sleeplessness is another serious health issue but it mostly affects seniors.

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