Aquarius Moon Sign Weekly Horoscope

cyberastro Aquarius Weekly Horoscope:- You may assume everything will go smoothly in the office this week. But will the week be free from tussles? Know your office life this week. The Aquarius weekly horoscope predictions accurately analyze what is in store for you in the office. Even your professional life is discussed covering health, relationship, education, and finance.


18 Sep - 24 Sep
Aquarius, do not fear but walk ahead

Aquarius Weekly Career Horoscope Prediction

Your official performance will be good this week. Avoid office politics and plan a strategy to handle critical tasks. You may travel for a job in the second half of the week. Some businessmen may face fund issues in the first half of the week but things will be sorted out in the next few weeks. Female managers and team leaders may face some problems within the team and you need to diplomatically handle them.

Aquarius Weekly Finance Horoscope Prediction

Your prosperity will shoot up and no serious money issues will trouble you. Though some entrepreneurs will face a fund crunch in the first half of the week, things will be sorted out sooner. You may consider major financial decisions this week. Smart investment plans promise a good future. The stock market, shares, and speculative business will bring in good revenue. Some Aquarius natives will buy a new home or even a vehicle. You may also repair your home or buy jewelry.

Aquarius Weekly Romance Horoscope Prediction

You will successfully resolve the old issues in the relationship that had caused rifts. Your love life will witness happy moments this week. Spend more time together as your lover would love that. A vacation will strengthen the bonding and you may also decide on marriage. Single Aquarius will fall in love by the weekend. The last segment of the week is good to propose and you may also introduce the lover to your family.

Aquarius Weekly Health Horoscope Prediction

Office pressure should be left outside the home while entering in. Avoid smoking and alcohol and consume more veggies and fruits this week. You need to start yoga or mild exercise as physical health is crucial this week. Some Aquarius natives may develop heart issues and kidney ailments that may require hospitalization.

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