Aquarius Moon Sign Horoscope

cyberastro Your Characterstics:- You live in your mind where there are no barriers to restrict you. You are kind and may go out of your way to help someone in need. You like new ideas and some of you make great reformers. There may be hundreds of ideas in your head and some of them will be so interesting that you may hold a spellbound audience. Love and romance has a lot of potential if you are with a like minded person.

25 October - 31 October
Make the challenges into opportunities, keep it up!

Aquarius Weekly Career Horoscope Prediction

Get ready to use your potential to achieve the desired in your professional life. It has been long since you took lout the mad in you and now is the time to bring that lost passion in your work. If you are working in an office, your skills will be put to test, so will your patience. You will be entrusted with some challenging task. You need to be resourceful and prepared to adapt new techniques and also gather all your skills to successfully handle the task. Business person must keep partner in loop about all developments, says Aquarius weekly horoscope

Aquarius Weekly Finance Horoscope Prediction

Your financial prospects shall be normal this week. Though, you tend to spend more on luxuries, you would gain enough to take a balance on all the things. Focus and pay keen attention while executing your work. It is not said to be a very favorable time for investments though small investments won’t be a bad decision. It is very important to keep a track on your expenses and earnings to ensure a balance in your financial life, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. You may face money loss during travelling. With preventive measures, you can ensure safety.

Aquarius Weekly Romance Horoscope Prediction

Dear Aquarians, this seems to be a perfect week for your love life. Your relationship is bound to get more romantic with the passing days, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. If you are in love, be prepared to be proposed to. It has been long watching your crush out, try your luck and who knows you might end up with a valentine. You are filled with immense passion. One already in love relationship for long will be keen for taking the relationship to another level by tying knots, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. You will be keen to have stimulating kind of relationship.

Aquarius Weekly Health Horoscope Prediction

You will see general improvement leading to happiness and general good health, this week but only after proper care. Due to challenges at work, you may suffer from bouts of gastric disorder, says Aquarius weekly horoscope. With due precautions, you can guard yourself from these lifestyle disorders. Refrain from all sorts of inflammatory types of food like gluten and aerated drinks. If you are exercising, keep up the good routine.

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