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Critical Years in Your Life
Your health needs Special attention. When?

Do you fall sick often and need to know- Will you face any chronic disease in future? If yes, When? Is there possibility of bad heath or chronic heath disease in next 15 years of your life .

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Career Quest Report
Are you two made for each other?

Will you spend life Together? Know your “Chances of living life together with Peace,Compassion, Better Understanding & Harmony”. Know with Personalized Life Together Astrology Report.

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Ruby Empowers Authority
When & Why Particular Events Happen in your Life?

Future O scope Report-A strategic blue print of your Life help explore events in –Past 5 Years, Present 7 next 25 years with respect to career heath, finance and relationships.

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Yoga to Cure Health ailments!
Yellow Sapphire for good luck & prosperity!

Yellow Sapphire gemstone or Pukhraj bring name, fame, mental courage, peace, healthiness, good luck, & prosperity in one’s life & help you gain benefic effects of Planet Jupiter.

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hanuman Jayanti

Upon successful completion of hanuman Jayanti ceremony, we have send Prasadam to all participants at their respective addresses with tracking number send at given email id. In case, you haven’t received Prasadam or tracking id, please Contact Us

Meditation Room

Meditaion Room

and join us as we take you beyond the boundaries of the physical world into the ocean of the mind let the Odyssey begin!

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