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cyberastro Your Characterstics:- You are a born dreamer and a just person. Key words in your life are beauty and harmony. You are perhaps as beautiful inside as your appearance. You love beautiful things of life and often live in a dream world. You are a true romantic with equal share of passion thrown into intimate relationship. There is always a sense of right and wrong and you do not like unfair means. You are demonstrative and your life partner may have very little to complain about in that respect.

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  • August 18, 2019
  • August 19, 2019

You are a professional and like to complete your task on time. Your work will require some creativity to implement new ideas. Focus on the development of the work and you will achieve your target within time. There might be arguments between partners and chances of breakup will occur. A nice warm soup will be the best thing to cope up with the problem of indigestion.

You will be ready to leap at your estimated goals. Stick to your guts when a trusted friend asks you to make an exception. Try to be open up with your colleagues, more. Try to be skeptical about yourself because you are going for a good deal. Investors will have a fruitful day. Meditation will help you to relax.

Daily Prediction

12th August -18th August 2019
Happiness is around the corner !

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This week will be all about seeing changes for a better and sorted professional life, says your Libra weekly predictions. A new job will bring you many new responsibilities and you will need to work hard to live up to the expectations of the company. You are likely to be monitored for a while. However, you can rejoice as you are going to succeed in your endeavor. Businessmen can get some good projects in their pocket. Put all your efforts in to this and who knows that it will shape your career in a good way. Steer clear of office politics, as it may affect your career adversely. If you are a student, you will be able to decide your future goals.

You will find this week favorable to enjoy good flow of money. You will have sufficient amount to fulfill your monetary needs. You will be able to save a lot too, says Libra weekly horoscope. You need to bear additional expenses for this time. This may be due to increasing commitments in your family. Hold your money as it may slip away if not under careful supervision. Stock away your funds into a portfolio customized for you by your financial expert. You will get more money from other sources. You must increase your profits very intelligently.

This week brings the most prosperous time for your love life. You will make the changes that are much needed and your partner will be glad about it.  You will be very close to your partner and will be able to share lovable moments. You will be jovial and humorous in your interaction with your partner, says Libra weekly horoscope. Those who are planning to get married may get to spend some more time with each other and make an even better understanding. There are high chances of meeting someone from the old school, especially if you are single and will make a good bond in a short span of time.

You will be very happy and excited and will be able to complete your tasks with ease because you will be totally fit and fine. You will maintain good health and physical fitness that allows you to spend some extra time in your gym, predicts Libra weekly horoscope. Some of you may have skin allergies by the end of the week. Therefore, medical consultation is advisory. Children should be careful while playing outdoor games, injuries are indicated at this point of time.  Moisturize your skin properly.

Weekly Prediction

August - 2019
Welcome new opportunities that will make you grow!

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This month is going to be a great time for Libra on the job and career front. For those who work in the tour and travel industry, you may find yourself busy with work-related journeys in the month of August.  These will be fruitful, however, so enjoy them even if they bring stress. They will benefit you in the long run. If you are a travel agent, you will be very busy with requests from clients. Your associates and superiors are noticing your hard work and you may receive financial remuneration. To all those who are in business should get ready to enjoy the good times and success that their ideas will bring in their life due to the creative ideas and an increased sale, predicts your career monthly horoscope. This will help the business to expand. The only thing you have to be cautious of, is working with the business partner. Always focus on the execution. Your plan for your business is good, so trust your guts.  

This month will make you see an excellent flow of income all throughout the month and you will enjoy the kind of money you will get in the month of August. The first half of the month needs your careful expenditure and the second half of the month will rather make you earn good money.  You find that your disposable income is being spent on entertainment for you, your friends and your family, says Libra monthly horoscope. You need to be stingy with your funds; make sure you don’t spend your money on anything unworthy.  Money may be obstructed for few days but will not give you any kind of tense environment. If you are planning to invest or going to make big transactions, you can postpone that as it is not the favorable time for this.  

Your love life is flourishing in this month and you and your romantic partner are getting close to each other day by day, says your Libra monthly horoscope. Your prospects for romance continue to be bright.  There may be times where you will not get the support or cooperation from your partner in issues related to extended family but you need not to worry. All you guys need is to sit together, have a healthy discussion and put your perspective in front. Your partner loves you a lot and will take care of this. Singles who have been looking out for partner will find someone really interesting to be around with. If you are planning to start a new relationship, make sure you don’t go overboard with it. Play safe and you will definitely find an answer to how you see your love and relationship in life. Go ahead and propose your someone special, All the Best!

This month is a time to go for excellent enjoyment of health and work life.  You will adopt some good habits along with friends about starting a walking or running club, predicts your Libra monthly horoscope.  Share recipes for healthy alternatives to fattening snacks. These activities will make exercise fun and will bring you closer to your friends. You will be also able to recover from your old health issues when you start looking out for the ways to improve health conditions. Keep a track record of your health issues so that they can be dealt accordingly

Monthly Prediction


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This year 2019 everyone at work will appreciate the pace at which you get your work done and there will be unexpected gains in the professional position and status. Use the assistance of your seniors to sort out some tricky problems at work and the social life you are associated with will help you deal with all the challenging situations in the year 2019. Don`t take decisions in a hurry as you may make some silly mistakes especially towards the middle of the year.

Your reputation and positions will get a higher status and you will be very happy with your professional stability. If you get a very good job offer from abroad do accept it by all means as it could change your life forever, says Libra yearly Predictions 2019. Your focused performance and the continuous efforts will help you seal the best business deal of all times. Make some more professional contacts and you will be happy to see the best ahead in your career.

2019 will be really money making and you will see a good flow of income throughout the year. You will have the financial gains that you had the least expectation from and the good thing is for a longer run. There are chances of getting some new sources of income this year. This is a great time for expanding your financial prospects, especially if you are working as a businessman, says Libra Yearly Predictions 2019.

This year brings a time when you should be grateful for the spending power that you have. Use your resources more carefully to make better profits. Pursue plans you are confident of, as they are likely to fetch you good returns. However, this is not a good time to invest in the stock market or any other form of speculations. Postpone investing in a property for the time being. It is always important to consider each and everything related to your life before taking any important financial decision.

You are going to enjoy the year 2019 as it brings the most compassionate phase in your romantic life. There can be some professional engagements that had been a disturbance from a long time but now is the time to get all things sorted out and let you have the bliss and harmony with your partner in the love life you have always wished for. Take some time to reflect on how you’ve gotten to where you are now and to consider what your next step should be.

Try to spend as much as time with your partner and make them feel your love and devotion to the fullest, says Libra Yearly horoscope. You will be in a romantic mood and people are responsive to your whims and this will keep you going in 2019. This year brings an auspicious time for getting married and also for starting any new relationship. There are high chances of conceiving by the end of this year.

You should be ready to enjoy the time this year is going to bring on the health front. Not only you will have a time that makes you do all your work efficiently but you will also get good time to relax and soother your body. Some of you will be concerned about your weight and will also be ready to do something about it soon. 2019 will be really progressive and inspiring for the ones who seek for a change.

Doing regular yoga makes you feel much better. Do take some good tips from a fitness instructor. You will benefit from it and will soon see some improvement on this front. There can be some infectious diseases that are going to trouble in the second half of the year. Get good medical consultation when needed, advices Libra yearly horoscope.

Yearly Prediction

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