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Based on your birth chart, and the position of planets, we'll compute the planets that need to be harmonized for you and give you your unique mantra for the current period. And just like the planetary positions constantly change, so does your unique mantra. You need to come back at the end of your mantra's period, for your next mantra.

What is Meditation all about?

Meditation is a time-tested technique to concentrate our energies. Normally, we waste our energies. Not only are they squandered in all directions by the tornado of exterior impressions, but also even when we manage to shut doors and windows, we find chaos within ourselves.

The powers of the mind are like rays of dissipated light-when they are concentrated they illuminate. This is our only means of knowledge. The purpose of Meditation is to bring about a complete harmony between our Mind, Body and Soul.

Once this harmony is achieved, we are then in a position as an individual to achieve the 'Infinite Potential' for action that lies within every human being.

Meditation helps us to achieve a state of total awareness through the following six practices as per Vedic philosophy

1. Samia Mental quietude and subduing of passions
2. Dama Self restraint and the subjugation of the five sense organs, the five organs of action and the four internal organs
3. Uparati Complete cessation of the perceiving and acting sense faculty
4. Titiksha Endurance and patience (the power to endure, without the slightest discomposure, extremes of heat and cold, joy and sorrow, honor and abuse, loss and gain, and all other pairs of opposites)
5. Samadhan Constant concentration of mind
6. Shraddha True faith, conviction and devotion

A mantra is composed of psychically potent sound syllables that are capable of influencing the human system. They can excite the emotions and give suggestions to the mind. They affect both the one who chants them and the one who hears them.

Besides, being a sound pattern associated with some meaning, a mantra is also energy composed of certain frequencies that have a pattern of their own and a vibrational field that creates different intonations. These frequencies and the sympathetic overtones generated, influence our sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, which are spread in a fine network around the internal organs. The sympathetic response generates the neuromotor response and influences the two hemispheres of the cerebrate cortex popularly known as the right side of the brain and the left side of the brain.

Mantra practice involves the left hemisphere of the brain and is therefore effective in increasing positive emotions. The intonation and melody, which are the essential parts of mantra, remove negative emotions.

In association with a symbol (visual image)-the mantra also provides the right hemisphere of the brain with a concrete image of the object of emotional attachment.

According to Raman Maharshi, repetition of the mantra, with attention directed to the source of the sound completely engages the mind. The source is not the vocal organs alone, but also the idea of the sound in the mind, whose source is "Self". Thus the practice of mantra is more than a suggestion, or a bit of advice or an idea. It is a means of getting in touch with our self-the purpose of meditation as explained earlier. This is the meaning of the great saying of Jesus. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." Heaven is not beyond. It is here and now. Everything is Heaven. You have only to open your eyes. Meditating with a Mantra opens up our inner vision.

First there are 3 distinct psychological stages to be achieved in the Meditation process.

Pratyahara This turns the organs of sense away from exterior things and directs them towards entirely mental impressions.
Dharana This forces the mind to fix its attention on a special and given point either outwardly or inwardly.
Dhyana Properly speaking, the stage of actual meditation, when the mind, trained by preceding exercises, has acquired the power of flowing in an unbroken current towards a chosen point.

These 3 stages are preceded by exercises of a physiological nature.

Asana Control of posture
Pranayama Control of breath
Samadhi (Where Dhyana or Meditation is intensified to the point of rejecting the exterior part of meditation to achieve a perfect state of harmony and unity with the Self and the Universal Self)

When an individual has mastered all these 6 stages of Meditation, he achieves the perfect state of awareness and true knowledge. This in summary is the essence of the Yoga of Knowledge (Jnyan) as stated in the Bhagavad Gita.

This is not an easy path. We may take a "whole life" or several births to reach this state of perfect knowledge or Enlightenment or Salvation. The important thing is that we in Cyber Astro believe that we must commence this journey in this life itself, and it is never too late to begin this journey. One doesn't have to be a spiritual leader or a priest or an ascetic to start this journey.

In this Age of Aquarius, every human being will initiate this journey to discover his/her own inner self irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

How to Meditate

Like any other science, Astrology has its technology. It has its theoretical knowledge and its practical application. Just as physical science uncovers new forms of energy in the outer world, like electric or nuclear forces, astrology and Yogic sciences can connect us with new forms of energy in the mind and deeper consciousness.

Cyber Astro through its Karma Index technology computes the effects of each planet on an individual on a particular day from the individual's birth chart and determines which planets are to be strengthened for the day.

As per Vedic Astrology, there are many ways to balance and heal the planetary influences in our life. The most powerful and effective method to heal and balance the planetary influences is to meditate by chanting or by listening to the mantra of the specific planets which need to be balanced for the particular day.

Cyber Astro has specially created separate music for each of the seed Mantras as specified in Vedic Astrology. A recognized Vedic musician chants the seed mantra, to the accompaniment of appropriate music. The music is composed by a renowned classical musician using the specific Classical Raga or Melody, which is in harmony with the nature of the specific planet.

Planets influence and play an important role in our lives. And they're often responsible for the phases our lives go through. For instance, when planets are weak, in a specified period, they emit negative energy. In order to neutralize this effect, we need to strengthen our weaker planets.

Given below is a list of planets that govern our lives, and their effect on us.

Sun Moon Mars
Mercury Jupiter Venus
Saturn Rahu Ketu

Mantra for the Planets Mantras may be used for religious worship, for healing, to help spiritual evolution and for purification of the mind.

Pronunciation, which is an important part of intonation, plays an essential role in the recitation of a mantra, apart from the melody. But pronunciation changes from country to country and place to place, as do melodies. Thus it is primarily faith that creates the effect of the mantra.

In our meditation room, we have chosen the seed Mantras for the healing of planet's effects as given in the ancient Vedic texts.

Seed Mantras are not for group chanting. It has to be chanted by an individual. Slow chanting relaxes the mind, heart and breath if you only listen to it. However, it is most effective only when the chanting is done individually.

The Seed Mantra to harmonize and balance individual planets consist of two parts. The first part is always "AUM" or "OM".

AUM or OM: The essence of all Mantras. The Upanishads say that "AUM" is God himself. God in the form of sound is "AUM"

The second part of the seed mantra of the planet is the concentrated form of the sound that is invoking the planets. That is why these Mantras are called Seed Mantras.

Seed Mantras of 9 Planets

Planet Seed Mantra Pronounced As
Mars AUM KUM OM KUM (with u pronounced as in "Put")
Mercury AUM BUM OM BUM (with u pronounced as in "Put")
1. Relax and sit erect, but be comfortable. Do not tire yourself unnecessarily to get into a straight ramrod erect posture. It will come automatically as you practice meditation.
2. Choose between the 2 specific planets that you have to harmonize for the day.
3. Choose to meditate online or follow the instructions to download the Mantra with its music to meditate offline.
4. When you start your session, concentrate on the image as it appears on the screen.
5. Start a simple breathing exercise like you would in a gym during your workout.
a) Inhale through one nostril by keeping the other nostril closed with your fingers while OM is being chanted. That will be in the first part of the seed Mantra.
b) Hold your breath till the second part of the seed Mantra starts.
c) Exhale through the opposite nostril as the second part of the seed Mantra gets chanted.
d) Repeat this whole cycle of breathing exercise 4 to 5 times synchronizing with the Mantra as explained in the previous steps. This will complete the breathing exercise, which is called Pranayam. You are now in a perfect mental state to concentrate and to continue your meditation.
e) Just concentrate now on the image and continue your normal breathing.
6. Try to completely shut yourself from all external worries and thoughts. However, thoughts will come initially--both good and bad ones-however, this is very natural. Do not make any special efforts to drive away thoughts away, but just concentrate on the image, and chant the mantra within your own mind and try to synchronize your own chant with our Mantra as it is being chanted.
7. Thoughts will come and go, and as your practice gets better, as will your concentration and synchronization. The effectiveness of your meditation will increase along with this progress.
8. We recommend that you practice this initially for a period of 15 minutes. As you get more tuned, increase it to a period of 25 minutes. Those who already practice meditation and are experienced at it should follow their own methods to synchronize with the Mantra.

Planets fall into two separate categories-fast moving and slow moving. The mantra selection program will identify both the fast moving and slow moving planet for you that need to be harmonized and balanced as per the transits in your birth chart. It will also give you the time period for this specific selection is valid.

The planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all Fast Moving Planets. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are all Slow Moving Planets.

The condition of a fast moving planet will usually change within 7-days. In case of the Moon, it may even change within a few hours. The effect of slow moving planets lasts much longer. Conditions for Saturn, for example, may last up to 6 months.

It is up to you to choose either of the two for meditation for the day. It is even better to meditate twice in the day to cover both planets. It is preferable to meditate for the fast moving planet in the morning and for the slow moving planet at night.

It is preferable for beginners not to meditate for the two planets at the same time or during the same session.

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