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cyberastro Your Characterstics:- You are steady and function best under harmonious atmosphere. The two most important life aspects for you are a stable and prosperous financial condition and an emotionally stimulating life partner. You are capable of great devotion to your mate, but can become absolutely desolate and withdrawn if otherwise. You need wealth and comfort to be really happy in life. You are steady about your love life and emotions.

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  • August 18, 2019
  • August 19, 2019

You might feel lazy today and it will hamper your work. Try to stay active because you need to work as per the requirements. Your co-worker may bring a nice cooked food that will make your day. Singles, may find an attractive person today, says your daily predictions. Be ready to invest in some profitable shares that will help you in a long run. Talk to your mother for the right guidance.

Hard work in the silence and a quiet confidence is what will bring you to the right path. You will dedicate this day to the love of your life. You will find new things to appreciate about your life and it is a day to recall all your blessings. Your charm will go through the ceiling and it may attract a person towards you. Women are advised to be extra careful if they are focusing on their diet. 

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12th to 18th August 2019
Happy days require efforts !

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You will have an excellent week and this is going to be great for your career. The higher authorities are appreciating your ideas and perspective and it will increase your value in your professional life. There are high chances of getting a new job offer and you can shift to some new place/locality because of this offer. Don’t wait to grab this opportunity. You can feel that things are going in an easy manner. You will be given more responsibilities at work, says Taurus weekly horoscope. If you are working as a part time employee, this week will bring you appreciation in the form of awards and monetary gains. Students waiting for their results will hear some good news on the front.

This time is a little challenging on your financial life and you have to cut down your expenses to come back on track. Material goods will not have a long life, so avoid making expensive purchases. Be a little careful and gentle while handling expensive things as this will avoid the damage, says Taurus weekly horoscope. If you have recently invested, this weekend can bring some good news. You need to save money as unexpected expenses may occur. However, you will enjoy a good flow of money by the end of the week.

This week brings a good time for love life provided you are ready to take away all the misunderstandings of the past. If you are not vigilant enough, there will be permanent distance between you and your partner. Chances of a friendship taking the shape of romantic relationship are high. However there is a need to understand the feelings of the other person to enable them to make the right moves. The onus of making it enjoyable lies on both of you. Be very clear and open about what you both want. Lot of mishaps is bound to happen and this may end up in some heated arguments too, predicts Taurus weekly horoscope.

This week will be an excellent time for your health, says your Taurus weekly horoscope.  Enjoy the das with the high energy and spirit. Go for some recreational activity and allow yourself to mingle up with the pleasant atmosphere. It will make you feel fit and active again. Old health issues will be recovered.  Have simple diet with low fats. You are working so hard and this weekend is time to relax. Enjoy it as your health suggests, says your Taurus weekly predictions.

Weekly Prediction

August - 2019
A good month to inhale the freshness in the air, Taurus!

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This month will enable you to be on the right track of your professional life and promote your excellent performance, says your monthly predictions for Taurus. You are finally getting the support of the higher authorities as they are finally appreciating your work. Those who are working in creative fields; your creativity will get you on the higher front. You may find that you get an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a job that is very appealing to you. It may be quite far from your current locality, so you may need to relocate for this position. Don`t shy away from taking it, as it will do wonders for your career, advices your Taurus monthly predictions. If you are planning for a job change, don’t take impulsive decisions. Your business prospects seem to be much higher than you have been expecting in the month of December. Your instability and difficult phase of the professional journey has now come to an end.

Enjoy a very good flow of income throughout the month of August. If you have been trying to sell a property for a long time, you will likely see movement on that front this month and you will definitely get this financial dealing. The first week of the month may indicate a loss of income for some or there will be a disturbance with the source of income. Your expenses are under your control because you always have a point to take a good care of your hard earned money, predicts your Taurus monthly horoscope. Continue to work hard, as these things do take time. Your investments in the month of August can help you in earning good money with which you can pay off your debts and past dues. The last week of the month seems to be really lucrative for the Taurus people and this time is a good for the investments. So, go ahead and grab the best deal. You will be able to save a good amount of money too.

The first week of the month will be very good on the romantic front. Love is all we need, always remember this thing. The month of heavy rains will take away your relationship if you are not vigilant. If you are having arguments with your partner from a long time, get over it, you need to give some significant efforts with your partner on the love aspect of your life else there are chances of breakup. The more you try to ignore the arguments, the more will you get the chances to get your relationship on the right track. You will be able to see a good time in your love life as soon as you start making the needed changes. Singles; wait for the right time, as the first half of the month is not a good time to start with a relationship. For some of you, cheating is also indicated, predicts your Taurus monthly romance horoscope. 

August is all goody goody in terms of health. You will enjoy an excellent work and life. There is lot more than just exercise that you need to do and this month brings the perfect time for that. The more energy comes when you become an all rounder and take care of both your mental and physical selves. Rejoice as you will recover from your old health issues. You may find that sometimes in the month your sleep is disturbed due to an inability to release daytime stress before going to bed. Try not watching loud TV before sleeping, or try reading a book. Talking quietly with your partner is most likely going to lead to a good night`s rest. Even a few minutes of meditation before sleep would serve you very well, advices your Taurus monthly horoscope. 

Monthly Prediction


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This year will help you to grow lot in the professional space of your life and all thanks to your creative ideas and innovation. You have been pretty loaded with opportunities and chances and this year 2019 would be the perfect time to use them up to their most potential. Let the motivation be your hard work and experience the uplifting in your career graph. Use your analytical thinking and make your own way to success with what comes up in the year 2019.

The appreciation may come but less than expected but this should be not be any reason to worry. You should keep up your work and enjoy the success that has been much awaited. If you are working as a businessman, you need to focus more on the planning than on the final actions. The business might not be the right area to experience success but will be comforting enough to get you along a good phrase of professional life.

2019 brings a lot of reason to be happy about for Taurus and one such is the financial and monetary satisfaction that it brings. The year would be great to experience financial gains and benefits that have been hard worked for and you will be happy to see how fortunate times have got up for you. There will be a good flow of income throughout the year and you will be able to see the money coming.

The financial rewards or increment may not be satisfactory but the savings will light up your mood. Take care of your expenses and use your money for investments rather on lavishly spending it. There are high chances of spending on the domestic necessities, make sure you only get what you truly need for now. Try to maintain a good balance between your expenses and earnings for the year 2019 for a stable year.

Taurus will get to see a lot of positive developments in their love life this year and would be extremely satisfied with the kind of responses they get from their partner overall. The year 2019 would be the perfect time to recreate the love story that you have always wanted and have a completely satisfying romantic enjoyment. There are high chances of patching with your old partner/spouse or an ex that you have truly wanted to. This year would be a great time for couples that have been seeking their parent’s approval on the relationship.

If you are not married or are married but not ready for a child, be cautious with unwanted pregnancies in the year 2019. This year would need your extra attention on the studies or education of your child and could be a reason of constant worry if you don’t look after it in particular.

Health will stay as good as it can get for you and you should feel happy about that, says your Taurus yearly horoscope. You are going to see physical and mental growth and enjoy the best of it. Enjoy the type of fitness you have and keep working on it to make it better with time. Eat good food and healthy items that keep your body in shape.

However this year will be a little difficult for some of the ladies. One thing that pregnant ladies should take extreme care of is their baby bumps and there are high chances of miscarriages this year. Also if there is any gynic issues that ladies are concerned for, this year may turn up a big time for having that particular surgery or operation that has been long awaited.

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