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cyberastro Your Characterstics:- You are steady and function best under harmonious atmosphere. The two most important life aspects for you are a stable and prosperous financial condition and an emotionally stimulating life partner. You are capable of great devotion to your mate, but can become absolutely desolate and withdrawn if otherwise. You need wealth and comfort to be really happy in life. You are steady about your love life and emotions.

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  • October 23, 2019
  • October 24, 2019

You will feel as though you have achieved a breakthrough in your relationship status, as the bond between your spouse and you will strengthen immensely. It is better to ask and clarify your doubts than working with a confused state of mind. As per Taurus prediction, there is a high chance that you will feel emotional from slightest of things, try meditation for a calm and peaceful mind. Be very cautious before signing the dotted line or before making any commitment.

Be focused and dedicated towards your work and try to complete your pending projects. You need to stay cautious of your expenditures especially with the festivals right around the corner, stick to the budget and avoid impulse purchases. It is important to make wise choices in the selection of diets as starvation diets would do you more harm than good. You will have a great evening with your spouse today as you both are understanding and supportive of each other.

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21st October to 27th October
Results of your patience are worthy!

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The week will be favorable to see success in your endeavors. Your profits will soar owing to your high level of productivity. Using your intelligence towards achieving your objectives will fetch good results. This change will work well for business person and professional to put up organized efforts to achieve desired level of growth. Outstation based task can be performed by career oriented people. Avoid friends who are not interested in their academics. They will lure you into some activity or the other. In turn, you will be distracted and not focus on your studies, advices Taurus weekly horoscope.

Your monetary situation will help you reap higher dividends for this week. This time is very favorable to make some huge monetary gains. However, you may have to work towards it. Increase your inflow of money with this supportive time. Do not be driven by your impulsive nature and shop endlessly. Keep an effective check on personal habitual expenses. Your skills will earn due appreciation from your superiors and the desired monetary benefits too. You can venture into profitable investments that will benefit you, says Taurus weekly horoscope.

Position of planets will work well in preserving peace and harmony in relationships. Romance is on the cards. There will be many romantic meetings to make you feel like you are on cloud nine. Lovers, be prepared to be proposed to, over a candle light dinner. The level of compatibility will be at the pinnacle and you will spend a time that will be there in your memories for the rest of your life, says Taurus weekly horoscope. Family functions and gatherings can ease the pressure of visiting your relatives place, this time, so make sure you make the best of this!

Excess of acidic reflux in digestive system is likely to trouble you this week. Avoid late night parties/dinner for good. Even eating spicy food can add to your discomfort. Eating lot of raw vegetables, fiber rich grain will work and give you long term healing effect. Early morning yoga can be beneficial for your health, says Taurus weekly horoscope. The more you give attention to your medical needs, the better health you will be able to maintain. Pregnant women should be extra careful with their medical needs.

Weekly Prediction

Feel the positivity and stay cheerful in this month of October!

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This month is going to bring some excellent opportunities for your professional life and let you give your best performance to date. It seems that all the planets are perfectly aligned to boost your career, Taurus. One thing that needs your due consideration is your business. Although business persons will achieve the desired level of progress but a cautious approach is a must while dealing with partners. It is high time to put all your development projects into actions as it will bear fruits soon. Career-oriented need to concentrate on their work. Chances of getting good projects from your high-level contacts are there. Students whether basic or higher education will struggle to learn their lessons well. Do not lose hope, advice Taurus monthly predictions. This month is going to bring positive results for the students who have given competitive exams recently. 

This month is going to see a good flow of income. Finally, you learned to make a good control over your expenses for the financial front of your life. After nearly three weeks in your financial sector, your good time has cemented and is here for the long haul. There will so many things you have to handle wholly by yourself and the challenges too. Money spent on buying luxurious items or attending a family function can lead to some disturbances with your monetary aspect. However, investing in the first week can lead to a powerful new financial journey. You can also gain from your previous investments. Eyes open and head out of the sand is your mantra, says Taurus monthly horoscope. If there is an urgent expense you have to make, use your savings for this time. 

Love will be seen and experienced by its core this month and this will be all because you are a person of commitment and, say October monthly prediction. Love will not be found in the same restaurants, clubs, or coffeehouses as usual. This month you will see that eating out needs to be a totally new and different experience and with your partner, it becomes even more fascinating. Marriages are foreseen in the second half of the month, Taurus. If you are a female, then you might face hardships and things between you and your partner can get much tensed. Avoid fights or it may lead to a breakup, says your Taurus monthly horoscope prediction.  Keep focused and don’t waste energy on irrelevant matters. Singles tend to have a strong desire to enjoy pleasures of physical closeness and romance with the one they desire too. This month also brings a great time for couples who are planning to conceive, predicts Taurus monthly horoscope.  

This month will give you good time for being in touch with a great health you have wanted to have. Get ready to experience this magical time for your health as you have been giving a lot of efforts for getting it, says Taurus monthly horoscope.  However, there will be some troubles that cannot be ignored. Your level of immunity has decreased. Health issues like cold cough and viral infections will bring down your morale. Your sensitivity makes you susceptible to infection. Stay away from people who have a cold. Take due preventive measures promptly to stop the issue from taking an alarming proportion.

Monthly Prediction


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This year will help you to grow lot in the professional space of your life and all thanks to your creative ideas and innovation. You have been pretty loaded with opportunities and chances and this year 2019 would be the perfect time to use them up to their most potential. Let the motivation be your hard work and experience the uplifting in your career graph. Use your analytical thinking and make your own way to success with what comes up in the year 2019.

The appreciation may come but less than expected but this should be not be any reason to worry. You should keep up your work and enjoy the success that has been much awaited. If you are working as a businessman, you need to focus more on the planning than on the final actions. The business might not be the right area to experience success but will be comforting enough to get you along a good phrase of professional life.

2019 brings a lot of reason to be happy about for Taurus and one such is the financial and monetary satisfaction that it brings. The year would be great to experience financial gains and benefits that have been hard worked for and you will be happy to see how fortunate times have got up for you. There will be a good flow of income throughout the year and you will be able to see the money coming.

The financial rewards or increment may not be satisfactory but the savings will light up your mood. Take care of your expenses and use your money for investments rather on lavishly spending it. There are high chances of spending on the domestic necessities, make sure you only get what you truly need for now. Try to maintain a good balance between your expenses and earnings for the year 2019 for a stable year.

Taurus will get to see a lot of positive developments in their love life this year and would be extremely satisfied with the kind of responses they get from their partner overall. The year 2019 would be the perfect time to recreate the love story that you have always wanted and have a completely satisfying romantic enjoyment. There are high chances of patching with your old partner/spouse or an ex that you have truly wanted to. This year would be a great time for couples that have been seeking their parent’s approval on the relationship.

If you are not married or are married but not ready for a child, be cautious with unwanted pregnancies in the year 2019. This year would need your extra attention on the studies or education of your child and could be a reason of constant worry if you don’t look after it in particular.

Health will stay as good as it can get for you and you should feel happy about that, says your Taurus yearly horoscope. You are going to see physical and mental growth and enjoy the best of it. Enjoy the type of fitness you have and keep working on it to make it better with time. Eat good food and healthy items that keep your body in shape.

However this year will be a little difficult for some of the ladies. One thing that pregnant ladies should take extreme care of is their baby bumps and there are high chances of miscarriages this year. Also if there is any gynic issues that ladies are concerned for, this year may turn up a big time for having that particular surgery or operation that has been long awaited.

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