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Planets are located symbolically in the our birth chart and the signs & houses filter their energies through the planets. Vedic astrology has the power to tell you the status of different planets in your natal horoscope.

Planets In Birth Chart Friends or Enemies

Each Astrological Planet plays an essential role in regulating natural process of human lives. Each planet symbolizes certain sides of your character; Different planets and their positions rule unfavorable and favorable situations in our lives.

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How to choose Right Gemstones?

By wearing right gemstones from Vedic Astrology you can see miracles are happening with you. Many people wear gemstones which suits them according to astrology while many wear it in the form of an ornament. There are total 9 planets and each planet is represented by 9 different types of gemstones.


Wearing a remedy is important but more significant is to wear the right one at right time. Our free astrology reports will help you to find out which is the most suitable remedy for you in order to enhance your life.


Reading of individual birth charts for a Romantic Compatibility Analysis is the only true way to judge your true romantic astrology compatibility with your partner based on your astrology signs love compatibility and astrological signatures. read more...

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