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Karma Index is the portrait of your karmic account, your achievements... read more...
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Chandi Paath Kit

Shardiya Navaratri, 2014 is approaching fast! It is said that appeasing Goddess Durga during these days helps in removing all the obstacles from our life. Listening to Chandi paath and chanting along 700 sacred verses of Goddess Durga or Chandi from Durga Saptasati is the best way to invoke the Goddess to give us immense power to deal with negative aspects of life.

Tri Transit report
cyberastroEveryone wishes for a successful life, complete with popularity, prosperity and good luck. Success always has a beginning, and almost all of us travel on the path of progress, though our speed might differ. Astrologically the transit of planets is like a progress review of our individual efforts...

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