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With the growing job opportunities, change in career has become a part of regular professional life. After all, there is nothing wrong in being ambitious. Check for free when the next change in your career would take place.

Numerology 2016

Prepare yourself for year 2016. Get personalized Prediction report prepared by our astrologers. Provide your birth details and know how transit of planets influences your varied spheres of life: Money, Love, Marriage, Career & Relationships matters.

A Little Window to the Lucky Color, Stone & Days for Each Zodiac Sign

For the 12 zodiac signs there are different lucky color, stone and days of the week. Enhance your skills by adapting these lucky charms. Read on to know more!!

Rahu Ketu

Our physical and mental capacities are influenced by the placement of planets in our birth chart. If you wish to identify the inborn capabilities of your loved ones or yourself, check free to take confident steps to a brighter future.


Are you the next Start-up King

Rahu & Ketu the shadowy planets can cause ripples in our life. Windfall gains, sudden fortune, mental agony, frustration & more, depending on the status of these planets in your birth chart. Want to know their status?

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