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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100
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PRICE : US $35 | INR 2100

Are you planning to get married with your partner or facing compatibility issue in your relationship? Then, this report would explain strength and weakness of your romantic relationship after analyzing different compatibility parameters and advise appropriate remedies accordingly.

What Will You Get?

  • Preamble: Introduction of ongoing circumstance and your primary concern.
  • Ascendant compatibility: To give clues on your personality and nature and your interaction with each other, lifelong.
  • Compatibility Analysis from Different Aspects (8 fold tests) through Kundali Milapak report between the two charts.
  • Kundali Milapak scores and their relevance in your relationship.
  • The Mars compatibility and Kujadosha between your respective charts.
  • Venus Chart to analyze relationship harmony and love bond.
  • Status of House of marriage, irrespective of the partner with whom you are married to.
  • Astrological Signature for next 12 months to indicates probable period of marriage.
  • Astrological Recommendation by our astrologer so that you will make conscious efforts to not succumb to the challenges that may arise.

More on love and relationship analysis

When you start dating someone, you remain curious about your relationship status with lover, in days to come or if already in a serious relationship, before you plan to commit, wish to enquire whether this relationship proves happy and fulfilling for both of you. There evolves lot of such relationship queries and solution lies with Vedic Astrology. Find all the challenging factors that may disrupt your relationship and should be avoided to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

Astrologers will perform horoscope matching to find Moon-signs compatibility of couple, analysis of your birth chart and your partner’s birth chart is done to predict compatibility between partners measured through various factors like love, passion, family life together, capability to have kids together, and interaction with each other, lifelong. This will help you make a final judgment before you plan to take your current relationship to another level. Want to get a clear picture of your relationship and love life, find it out with love and relationship analysis report.