Gemini Moon Sign Horoscope

cyberastro Your Characterstics:- You are warm and witty with a mischievous streak that others often fail to appreciate. While you may lay down your life for a charitable cause, you may not understand your responsibilities. However that does not mean that you will not take care of personal well-being or that of family. You have very good communication skills and are a very intelligent person. You would be ready to change course at moments notice and be absolutely happy about it.

October 2021
Listen to your heart it is whispering something!

Gemini Monthly Career Horoscope Prediction

Your professional life is going to take a major leap this month which can be both good and challenging for your career front. You will be able to make some high level contacts and it can grab you profitable ties. This is the time when business person will be satisfied with gains obtained in the routine business. Second and third week is perfect for business partnership and new ventures. There will be rise in status with the end of the month. Do not expect any major deal now. Deliver a straight story without exaggeration or embellishment thrown in to make things juicier. This will not only help you to enhance your relationship with your colleagues and seniors but also will be helpful in making good connections for your professional life, says Gemini monthly horoscope.

Gemini Monthly Finance Horoscope Prediction

You will see a good flow of income throughout the month regardless of what has been your previous financial condition. If it is about savings and expenses, both will be managed very well this month but high expenses after the first week can try to knock you down. These expenses might be related to your children. There will be some things you need to keep in mind before taking any financial decision, the most important thing is to get along with your deals well and get all the pros and cons. If you want to make any financial deal, try to skip it for a time being, you might not get the desires results, says Gemini monthly horoscope. The last week of the month will help you to slow down your expenses and let you have a balance in your monetary life. There will be a lot of energy right now that can cloud your priorities, make your expectations and let you have a peaceful financial life.

Gemini Monthly Romance Horoscope Prediction

October seems to have love in the air for you. Enjoy all the romantic pleasures waiting for you and see a great love life ahead in this month. Singles are not only destined to meet someone special but also can take up this friendship beyond you have imagined in a very short period of time. High chances of mixing matrimony for some and couples have the most favorable time to conceive. Elders who are suffering from loneliness’ may find a partner who will add colors in their life. A lot of new ideas will flow in the romantic front this month and you will be glad to maintain the happiness in your love life. You may feel more of an urge to go out and socialize more than you usually do and this will help you to make new friends and may a find a love life for you too, predicts Gemini monthly horoscope.

Gemini Monthly Health Horoscope Prediction

If you have been suffering from any health issues, things will proceed with perfection and you will get immense relief from it. Making things clear to yourself and others is important to you, says Gemini monthly horoscope. Your energy levels are high and you are feeling upbeat. You may feel very strongly about something but not express it - which can easily lead to bitter disappointment. Exercise is a wonderful aid. It helps to distinguish between what you want to do and what you can do. Exercise can simplify your emotions and help you to maintain your body physically too. Some of you may suffer from blood pressure and its related issues; take the necessary medications without any delay.

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