Check Your Birth Star Name

Your name is your identity. When a child is born in a family, he/she is given name by our near and dear ones. But the name, a person use for official purpose is the name that by which they get recognized in society. In the same way in Vedic Astrology, your name based upon analysis of your chart plays a significant role in determining your destiny. In this report, you will find the alphabet or letter with which your Rashi name or Birth Star Name should start.

A birth star or Nakshatra is a significant aspect in astrology and astrologers with the help of your birth star can compute and explore a name or alphabet for you that that will rule your destiny. Which letter to choose from alphabet (A- Z) as first letter of your Name, so that you could excel in whatever field or task you choose to perform in life! Moreover your name says a lot about you so, you might be curious to know, what’s in your name?

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