Strongest & Weakest Pursuits in Life
4 Major Goals in Your Life as Per Your Birth Chart!

The 4 Goals of Life.....

According to Vedic astrology, the four legitimate aims and goals of human life are Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha on which the life script scores are based.

Dharma means "principle of law and order" and refers to the fulfillment of our need for honor or recognition in life. We call it "Vocation", as this is how our culture interprets this need. Each of us needs to be acknowledged for what we can contribute to society without compromising the individual identity.

Artha means "achievement" of goals. More specially it relates to the acquisition of valuable objects and so could be referred to as "wealth". Each of us should possess necessary wealth to function happily in life.

Kama literally means "desire" and refers to our need for emotional and sensory happiness in life. As such we call it "enjoyment". All that we do in life should be enjoyable and should not cause pain to ourselves or to others.

Moksha means "liberation or freedom" and relates to our need for spiritual growth, including transcendence of three lower values. It is our power to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. We all must seek to go beyond who we are until we become one with all.

Through astrology what we shall do is to get a better understanding of the parameters of our individual lives. The important thing is to discover the life script within us. The planets do act as referees and critics in this cosmic drama. They announce prizes, penalties and sometimes also put a brake on our impulses and causes correction to align the person to his/her ordained goals of life. If you want to know What you are ordained to do in this life free of cost, you just need to be our registered member.

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