Are you Manglik? or Non - Manglik?
Free Manglik Dosha Check Online

As per astrology, a person is considered Manglik if Mars is placed in either ascendant (First House), or in house of marriage, happiness, longevity or house of expenditure from the ascendant (Lagna), Chandra Lagna (moon sign) or both in his/her birth chart. A correct balance of Martian energy is most desirable in all lives - but unfortunately, only few of us are lucky enough to possess this dynamic balance.

It is believed if you are Manglik, you must marry a Manglik, if you desire to lead a peaceful and happy life and if you fail to do so, you will suffer whole your life with that partner. Taking this into account, it become necessary to check the status of Mars in your natal chart! Mars indicates premature death, i.e. loss of partner, particularly when Mars is afflicted by "Kujadosha". This affliction of Mars in a native chart makes his/her horoscope, what we call Manglik horoscope. It is caused by placement of Mars in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th house of a natal chart. There will be malefic influences of Mars and other factors that cause discord or unhappiness in married life and all relationships, in general.

Mars can create unforeseen trouble for you and many of them may be created unwittingly by you. Harmonizing planet mars is must. But before that you conclude to get married to someone, it is must know that are you a Manglik or not, so, check for free, just avail our free membership.

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