Positive & Negative Impact of Rahu & Ketu Transit for You?

The Major transit of Planet Rahu & Ketu into sign Pisces and Virgo is going to take place on 31st October 2023.

With planets on the constant move whether slow or fast, they affect our lives in many ways. It can be on the professional front, personal front or related to our surroundings.

This transit of Rahu Ketu will likely to affect various aspects of life in different ways like Promotion in job, relief from pending debts, financial gains or increase in reputation, relationship equation, health parameters, family etc.

The transit of Rahu Ketu from one sign to another and into a particular house will prove to be a prosperous time for sudden gains and success for some; whereas, it can bring a tough time for others that might be difficult to handle. When in movement, Rahu Ketu, not only impact the signs but also influences the alignment of other planets in one’s birth chart.

Explore which house of life Rahu Ketu would affect in your birth chart and seek powerful remedies to curb this transit-favorable for you. What’s in packet for you during this transit?

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