What says Jupiter Transit 2021 on your Moon Sign
Earning and Savings ?

The most benefice planet in astrology Jupiter is transited into its debilitated sign Capricorn on 20th November 2020, which is a major transit of this year. Planet Jupiter is the guardian of the abstract mind which rules higher learning, and bestows upon as a desire for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually.

It gives the signification of good fortune, luck, and happiness in family life, marital bonding and fertility. It is also the KARAKA, signifier of husband in a female birth chart, for children, wisdom and financial stability. Jupiter may be a moderator and jury, but it's mostly an honourable helpmate, making you go towards the right path.

The Transit of Jupiter into Capricorn will stay till 20th November 2021 and it's one of the main transits of the year 2020-21. Explore here, how it impacts your Moon sign?

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