Favorable and unfavorable periods of ongoing Saturn transit
Explore Favorable and Unfavorable Period

Planet Saturn deals with karma, limits, responsibility, tradition, conservatives, authorities, long term goals and accomplishments patiently created, taking responsibility, creating structure, and setting boundaries. Saturn is a potent planet which always enhances the potency of the surroundings in the horoscope like it would strength up house in which it is present in spite of whether the house signifies positive impacts or negative.

Planet Saturn has transited into Aquarius on 17th January 2023 and will stay there till 29th March 2025. Check out the favorable and unfavorable periods for you during this transit of Saturn with respect to your birth chart. Please note, when Saturn will be favorable then it will act like a friend for you but when unfavorable then it will act as an enemy for you. To know the role of Saturn energy for you as per your natal chart free of cost, you just need to be our registered member.

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