Clients Testimonials on Dr. J.N. Pandey

Very Impressed
I have just returned from my India trip. I had asked Dr Pandey ji about how my trip will go and he had mentioned that I may get some kind of illness on 29th/30th while there. I must say that I am so impressed with the accuracy of his prediction as I did get really bad food poisoning and got really sick on 29th/30th Jan and got better only by 31st.
Please convey my regards and appreciation to Pandit ji. I will continue seeking his guidance in my future endeavors. Thanks


Thanks a lot for quick delivery. Please pass on my sincere regards and thanks to Pandey Ji, for such a concrete and clear advice.

Manoj Bhojwani , Netherlands

Dear Dr Pandey ji, First of thanks for your kind efforts to explain the issue And I must say till date no one has ever explained this concept in such clear and simple way. I have no words to say thank you. It great to see and know that we have such Astrologers in our country like you who understand Jyotish in its real aspect. Those who get their personal reading from you must be benefiting in great deals. Once again thanks Dr. J.N. Pandey ji for your time.

Dr. Ajit Singh

It was nice talking to Dr. J N Pandey and I would say that he is really good in his methodology and communicates difficult things with ease.

Anoop Pandhi

Thank you so very much for delivering the answers to my questions right on time as promised! I am very happy to see the report and will make plans to go forward with the surgery accordingly based on Dr. Pandey's very kind answers and best wishes for my surgery. I am definitely going to take his advice and wait until at least October 12th to have the surgery, and most likely, it will be later in October or the first of November. I want it to be the best time possible. Thank you again and please pass my sincere thanks along to Dr. Pandey. I appreciate his time and work so very much on such an important issue.

Laurie White

Dear Dr. Pandey, Thank you very much for your analysis and advice. The analysis which is very good and very detailed and best that I have seen so far from any astrologer - you considered transits, ashtakvarga as well as pratyantar dasha. With warm regards

Sagar Chitnis

Dear Dr. Pandey, Thank You, and I love your site, and your work in helping those of us who subscribe to achieve maximum success. I will be up-grading soon. I would like to share an observation with you that just might assist in your continued success in the US. The word Scheme in the US is a negative word. It means, not honest, manipulative, and un-trustworthy, and deception. While I know this is not the case with Cyberastro, you might want to consider using another word to describe your services. Just a suggestion, to bless you on to your Highest Good Blessings


Thanks to Dr. Pandey for spending time to clarify my questions. It was a good session. Thanks for the wishes and blessings. With your blessings, wishes, guidance and God's grace, I am sure everything will go well. Dr. Pandey mentioned about the Balarisht yantra. I would like to purchase it for the welfare of my daughter. Best Regards,

Prasanth Ramakrishnan

Kindly pass my sincere thanks to "Dr. J. N. Pandey" for preparing this report. His insight info on my "current" carrer status is true and accurate. His analysis is excellent. Thanks and regards,


Thanks for your mail & concern, Excellent piece of Customer Service. I will definitely get in touch with you in case any clarification, My regards to Mr Pandey. thanks n best regards,

kuldeep sonkhala

Thanks for your mail & concern, Excellent piece of Customer Service. I will definitely get in touch with you in case any clarification, My regards to Mr Pandey. thanks n best regards,

kuldeep sonkhala

I am extremely satisfied with Dr. J N Pandey's responses. Here is a word of appreciation for him, please pass on my highest regards to him. A Master in his field. Extremely knowledgeable person with analytical abilities of highest order. I have consulted many astrologers, but his predictions were the most accurate. Above all he clarified my concerns logically and to my satisfaction. I would like my future reports if possible to be done by him. A vey big asset for Cyber Astro and the public at large.


I am glad I got to talk to Mr Pandey on phone about my business report. I am pleased to see the professionalism and the approach to handle the customer concerns. I feel sorry for the last feedback report due to lack of understanding and communication gap. Now I could understand the harsh /real truth of my astrological chart. I am highly thankful to you for helping me to understand my business report. I hope it will help me to finalize my future plans. Looking for a long term association with cyberastro and would like to say thanks to Mr Majumdar and Mr. Pandey for their true professionalism. Thanks & Regards

Vivek Singh

I have ordered the Relationship Analysis Report from cyberastro. Kindly allow Dr. J.N Pandey to analyse my report as I had already taken Telephone astro counselling on 4th of April 2008 and Dr J.N Pandey was really great at his work. Therefore, I once again request Dr. J.N Pandey to analyse my chart. Warm regards,


Thank you for the amazing predictions; a good guideline for me to look at things. I usually follow your zodiac predictions and it has been accurate compared to many others. This day i thought i must send you my appreciation. i was anxiously opening the yearly predictions link and I felt complacent at the end of reading it. in spite of the fact that certain ups and downs were mentioned, i think the complacency came about with the new year resolution you mentioned. keep up your good job.With Regards

karunamay sinha

"You have given an exact description of my nature. Everything related to health is also matching. Similarly the analysis of the present situation is accurate. It gave me hope that situations will change and now I have decided to fight the conditions. I will be a regular visitor to your site. Thank you Very Very Much."

B K Anand

Thanks for connecting. I have been using cyberastro for 10 years and I am impressed by its consistent delivery of service. Your reports are insightful and have influenced my career decisions in particular. I want to personally thank you for this. Wishing you a blessed year ahead.

Veejay Madhavan

I am most grateful to you for the kind guidance. It is very thoughtful of you to send such a caring note on the eve of my birthday. I cherish this as most precious gift. I have been taking services from your esteemed org. - such as life prediction report. Shani Sade Satti Report. It has been very introspecting going through them and working according to them. It has helped me in understanding myself and do some "upchar". I feel very proud of the facility and astrological consultation infrastructure created by you and your team - very learned, caring, kind and compassionate. with best regards,

Chandra Shekhar Jha

I am writing to inform you some good news about one person who got your advise through a TAC organied by me. She got married again in the UK on the 28th July 2010 and through the marraige she got the required VISA status etc continue in the UK with her children. She is really thankful to you for your advise and I am sure hundreds and thousands have got help from you in the same way..!! Once again many thanks for your very kind and wise advices and help. May you be well, happy and reach the highest in your aspirations..!!! Kind regards


Many, Many thanks for your personalized prediction. It's really wonderful and my experiences of events in my life in the past shows how the planets do function and influence once life path. I am really delighted and to be proud of being one of your esteemed member to avail the optimum advice from your astro counselling and guidance. Last but not the least to express my sincere, profound heartfelt thanks for answering my concerns. I have faith and devotion to achieve my goals with your continuous support and advice in the future as well. With Best Regards,