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Why Navratri is celebrated?

The celebration goes on for a period of around 9 days. Throughout the country, the celebration varies with different regions, some fast and some feast, during this time of the year.

This is basically celebrated in remembrance of lord Rama’s birth. It is considered as a victorious time of truth over evil.

Navratri is basically observed as worshipping the feminine energy of goddesses in various forms to seek wisdom, wealth, and power. People celebrate this time of the year with lots of positivity and dedication spreading love all around.


navratri Nine Forms of Goddess Durga

Depending upon the custom followed in a region, Goddess Durga is worshipped in different forms:

  • Durga, the invincible
  • Bhadrakali, the fortunate and auspicious
  • Jagdamba or amba, Mother of the universe
  • Annapoorna, the provider of food
  • Sarvamangala, the bestower of joy, all around
  • Bhairavi, the terrifying
  • Chandika, the brutal
  • Lalita, the beautiful
  • Bhavani, the life giver
  • Mookambika, one who listens

Legendary significance of Navratri

Essentially, it is a mix of themes, but a prime factor governing the legend behind fasting and worshipping Goddess Durga on this eve is the destruction of good over evil. During Chaitra Navratri, Demon named Mahishasura was killed by Goddess Durga. At that time, when this demon made it difficult for humans and all Gods to live harmoniously, Goddess Durga took avatar to stop brutal killings and save humankind from his cruel acts.

While, during Sharad Navratri, demon called Ravana was killed by Lord Ram. Several years ago, when Ram killed this Demon to save his wife, Goddess Sita, this festive was renowned as victory of good over bad. That was the end of torture by demon and beginning of something auspicious.

During Navaratri, devotes from across India observe devotional worship of Goddess Durga in different forms and this festival is celebrated with a different name in various regions of India. Nine avatars of Maa Durga are worshipped to bring auspiciousness in life. The tenth day of this holy festival is called Dussehra or Vijayadashmi. This is amazing to know how people still follow the ancient rituals to welcome Maa Durga on Navratri, twice a year. It’s about devotion that devotes not just celebrates this occasion but also observe fasting and arrange new clothes and decorate idols with Jewelry. Every year, folks wait for this auspicious time to arrive so that they could pay special devotion to Goddess and make their wishes fulfill.

Sharadiya Navratri is celebrated at the arrival of autumn season, then Dussehra on 10th day of Navratri with pop and show. It is a belief amongst devotes that whatever problems are faced by them; all will vanish by immense worship. And soon they will recuperate from life tragedies. No matter you are wishing for your ultimate dream to get fulfilled or want overall prosperity in job and personal life, all will be bestowed upon you. Cyberastro have special Chandi Paath for our devotoess where our priests pay special devotion to Maa Durga for your all round prosperity, happiness and fulfillment.