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Trust Issues with Zodiac Signs

These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Have Trust Issues

Each and every one of us has been hurt, betrayed, or scared at some point in our lives, but some people are very mistrustful and no matter what, they can't bring themselves to trust their partners. Even though it's completely normal to be a bit careful when entering into a new relationship, having trust issues can lead to huge problems and prevent people from experiencing a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling relationship. People who have issues with trust are usually more sensitive than others; they feel everything too deeply and are scared to trust again because they've been hurt or disappointed in the past. Astrologists have found that certain zodiac signs are more likely to have trust issues in a relationship than others, so even though no relationship can be predicted by the zodiac, it can be helpful to look at the stars and find out which star signs are mistrusting. Without further ado, here are the 6 zodiac signs that find it hard to trust people!

taurus Taurus


Taurus is a reliable, practical and grounded person that doesn't trust others easily. And if they were hurt and betrayed by someone that they loved and trusted in the past, it will be especially hard to gain their trust. Taurus is a zodiac sign that is very loyal but doesn't like to be burned twice, so if you've managed to earn their trust, watch out and be careful not to lose that hard-gained trust. If you lose their trust, it means that you have zero chance of gaining it back.

cancer Cancer


Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is a highly emotional, sensitive, caring, and empathetic person that has a difficult time trusting other people. Cancer people are known to hide their true emotions to avoid hurting themselves and are inclined to protect themselves by retreating into their hard shells when the going gets tough. The reason behind this is because they have a difficult time trusting others, and it can take a while before they can open up and trust someone. However, once they feel appreciated and safe in their relationship, they will surely give you their complete trust.

scorpio Scorpio


Even though Scorpio is a trustworthy and faithful person with an amazing intuition, they have a hard time trusting other people and are suspicious of everything and everyone. Scorpio is very mysterious, secretive, and doesn't trust new people easily, especially when someone shows interest in them. They're always afraid of getting hurt, so, it can take a really long time for Scorpio to build trust with someone. The best thing you can do to support your sensitive Scorpio is, to just be honest with them and prove to them that you're someone who can be trusted. They also hate being lied to, so if someone betrays or lies to them, their relationship is over.

capricorn Capricorn


Capricorn has been hurt so many times to just naively trust people. Even though Capricorn is an honest, dependable, and hardworking person that can build trust with others, when someone lies to or takes advantage of them, they will never take people at their word again and will always search for the hidden meaning behind their words. Even though this definitely limits their romantic or social possibilities, Capricorn would rather be alone than feel hurt or betrayed by a loved one.

aquarius Aquarius


Aquarius is another zodiac sign that often finds it difficult to trust other people, no matter how well they know them. Dating and relationships usually make these people anxious because they're very independent and freedom-loving individuals who believe that commitment will tie them down. Actually, Aquarius is happiest when love isn't the main focus of their life. For a relationship with an Aquarius to work, you'll need to stimulate their visionary side by talking about their future plans or the adventures you want to experience together.

pisces Pisces


Pisces is so sensitive and empathetic that they can easily get carried away in their own heads. Because they're so intuitive and compassionate, they can easily pick up the emotions of other people, so if they sense that something is wrong in their romantic relationship, Pisces might feel mistrust and anxiety. If a Pisces has been hurt and betrayed in a previous relationship, it's going to take them a long time to get over it and start trusting again. These people are very vulnerable, so if their heart gets broken, they will build a wall around them and it will be almost impossible for anyone to get over it.

There's no doubt that a lack of trust in a relationship can be damaging, but trust issues are definitely something that can be worked through. If you or your partner has insecurities and trust issues, an open and honest conversation can help you understand and resolve your trust issues and build a loving and committed relationship that will last a lifetime. Book your Relationship Analysis report Now.