Saturn transit through your Moon Sign

The next 2and half years transit of Saturn through Leo (With respect to your Moon-sign (Rashi) in your chart)

This article is inspired from the Book Beneath a Vedic Sky by William R. Levacy (Through an oversight this was not mentioned earlier. We sincerely regret this oversight and apologize to Mr Levacy)

The following are general rules for you to assess whether Saturn will befriend or Foe during its transit through Leo and what should be your best strategy during this transit. For this, you need to know your Moon sign in your natal chart.



Moon Sign in Aries: Saturn will transit through your 5th house from Rashi.

: Structured Intellect
Favorable : This is a good time to stabilize and organize your income. Take an objective and realistic view of what you want to achieve over the next 2.5 years and then work backwards to implement your plan.

Danger : Do not take short cuts and break the law either in the act or in spirit. Do not be too clever or too speculative. Not favorable for either children or love affairs.

Moon Sign in Taurus : Saturn will transit through your fourth house from Rashi:

Key Concept : Focused Emotion

Favorable : This is a good time to change your residence or to remodel your home. Take the safe and secure way out emotionally or financially.

Danger : You will be bored and itching to change everything in life. Your home, your partner, your job. The change may be a recipe for disaster.

Moon Sign in Gemini : Saturn will transit through your third house from Rashi

Key concept : Structured Determination

Favorable : At last the 7.5 years cycle of Saturn has ended in your life. Remember the Karmic lessons that Saturn has taught you over last 7and half years in your life. You should now be a transformed person and a much wiser person. You now know what the true purpose of your life is. This is the best opportunity for you to pursue your goal in life with ruthless determination and discipline.

Danger : Your efforts may not give you the results as per your expectation. But you must have patience and must not lose heart and change your path. Plan your work carefully and work your plan.