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Saturn transit through your Moon Sign

The next 2and half years transit of Saturn into Aquarius (With respect to your Moon-sign (Rashi) in your chart)

The following are general rules for you to assess whether Saturn will be friend or Foe during its transit through Aquarius and what should be your best strategy during this transit. For this, you need to know your Moon sign in your natal chart.

astrology Moon Sign Aries: Saturn will transit through your 11th house from Rashi.


Key concept: Structured opportunities

Favorable All planets are considered favorable as they transit through your 11th house. Saturn will be no exception unless it is totally unfavorable in your natal chart. Saturn the focusing planet will bring stability to cash flow and income and will bring more established relationships with friends and associates. Slow and steady will win the race.

Danger : Do not be a recluse and open out to your friends and associates. Do not be too proactive and impulsive. Be very careful on your cash flow and do not start overspending on expected future cash flow. Remember the way of Saturn is slow and steady and conservative.

vedic Moon Sign Taurus : Saturn will transit through your 10th house from Rashi


Key concept : Structured Career

Favorable : This is the time to focus on career development and your professional status. Get all your responsibilities into a routine and strict process implementation. Saturn can create a boost in your career either through organic consolidation in your existing career or through a change in your career.

Danger : Do not change for the sake of change or just because the compensations are more attractive. Evaluate all the opportunities and select that one which not only gives growth but also stability. You may stagnate by not taking on the opportunity or you may regret your decision for change at a later date.

astrology Moon Sign Gemini : Saturn will transit through your 9th house from Rashi


Key concept : Focus on Knowledge

Favorable Fortune and finances are likely to get more established during this transit. It is a good time to gain knowledge. Take that long-desired Sabbath from work and go back to university to acquire higher knowledge and higher qualification.

Danger : Restrictions with one’s father (any authority figure). One’s father may separate from the family in one way or another, setbacks in higher education if Saturn is not favorable in the natal chart, legal problems may crop up, problems can come up in the hip area and some chronic lung condition can suddenly flare-up.

indian astrology Moon Sign Cancer : Saturn will transit through your 8th house from Rashi


Key concept : Contained Support

Favorable Focus on getting support and cooperation from all around you. Make sure that others are compelled to work with you in a manner that is similar and specific to what is beneficial to you.

Danger : This is a difficult and challenging transit of Saturn due to 2.5 years cycle in 8th house or Shani Dhaiya. Unexpected losses, the danger of sudden accidents, injuries and ailments. Loss of reputation and may get entangled in something which may affect your honor and reputation.

cyberastro Moon Sign Leo : Saturn will transit through 7th house from Rashi


Key concept : Structured Partnerships

Favorable : Some ancient Karma’s might make you feel to make your relationship legal and formal. It is good time to make new commitments in both life and business partnerships. It is also good time to strengthen your commitment to your existing partnerships. Long-distance travel and collaboration with foreign partners will be favorable now.

Danger Your spouse’s health may suffer a setback. Unresolved issues in partnership whether in life or in business may crop up and can create a make or break situation.

saturn transit Moon Sign Virgo : Saturn will transit through the 6th house from Rashi


Key concept : Focus on Service

Favorable : This is the time to set things straight. Usually, this is a favorable transit of Saturn in our life. Take a stand on what you feel is right and should be rightfully yours. Take measures to improve yourself and your relationship with others. But do not compromise on what you feel is right. If you have to fight and defend yourself then you must do so. Finances and health will pick up and you may be victorious in a long-standing legal dispute. If you want to take loan or to recover your loan, this is a good time to do so. You will come out ahead in the long run.

Danger Even if you are right, remember not to lose your sense of mercy. If there is a chance of compromise, then you must do so magnanimously than to get involved in a battle because of your ego or your desire to take revenge. Beware of getting involved in petty disputes or acting petty in a dispute. You must not expose yourself to unnecessary or reckless risk.

icon Moon Sign Libra : Saturn will transit through the 5th house from Rashi


Key Concept : Structured Intellect

Favorable : This is a good time to stabilize and organize your income. Take an objective and realistic view of what you want to achieve over the next 2.5 years and then work backward to implement your plan.

Danger : Do not take short cuts and break the law either in the act or in spirit. Do not be too clever or too speculative. Not favorable for either children or love affairs.

saturn on rashi Moon Sign Scorpio : Saturn will transit through 4th house from Rashi


Key Concept : Focused Emotion

Favorable : This is a good time to change your residence or to remodel your home. Take the safe and secure way out emotionally or financially.

Danger : Due to the 2.5 years cycle of Saturn into 4th house or Shani Dhaiya, you will be bored and itching to change everything in life. Your home, your partner, your job. The change may be a recipe for disaster.

saturn Moon Sign Sagittarius : Saturn will transit through the 3rd house from Rashi


Key concept : Structured Determination

Favorable : At last the 7.5 years cycle of Saturn has ended in your life. Remember the Karmic lessons that Saturn has taught you over the past 7 and half years in your life. You should now be a transformed person and a much wiser person. You now know what the true purpose of your life is. This is the best opportunity for you to pursue your goal in life with ruthless determination and discipline.

Danger : Your efforts may not give you the results as per your expectations. But you must have patience and must not lose heart and change your path. Plan your work carefully and work on your plan.

icon Moon Sign Capricorn : Saturn will transit through the 2nd house from Rashi


Key Concepts : Focus on Finance

Favorable You have just completed 5 years of  7.5 years cycle of Saturn, and you have entered the final and last phase for 2.5 years. The last phase might have been most stressful as Saturn’s Karmic lessons might have been most severe. The good news is by the grace of God and by the power of your faith and prayers; your finance could stabilize if you redirect your attention upon them and take a realistic view of the problem and its solution. Think about what you want to say before you speak. Have patience with respect to your family members. Give them some more time before they can be on the same wavelength as you are.

Danger : Some Karmic lessons may yet to be learned during this last phase also. Totally avoid thoughtless speech and idle speculation. Avoid the near occasions of sin in matters of lifestyle, diet, dependencies, and relationships.

moon sign Moon Sign Aquarius : Saturn will transit through the 1st house from Rashi


Key concept : Structured Self

Favorable : A focus on individual needs is required. Use this time to implement a strict routine and schedule of your time and activities. Make sure that you fulfill your minimum duties and responsibilities. Redefine your work style and lifestyle. Have clear and small goals and use a strategy of small victories.

Danger : This is the second phase of 7.5 years cycle of Saturn or Shani sade Sati. Usually this is the most stressful period as Saturn will conjoin your natal Moon during this transit. Saturn will force you to confront the unresolved issues and unresolved Karma from past. You will have to resolve them over next 2and half years. You cannot avoid them or hide them under the carpet anymore.

moon sign Moon Sign Pisces : Saturn will transit through 12th house from Rashi


Key concept : Stability of liberation

Favorable Go someplace where you can be a monk for a while or at least be detached from the events happening around you. You need to introspect on the last 30 years of your life. Where did you go wrong and where did you go right. You are at a critical juncture in your life when you will be undergoing a complete transformation through the Karmic lessons that Saturn will impart. Some of them could be rewards and some of them could be punishments. Let the change come from a stable, solid and harmonious you instead of a disturbed, broken and egotist you.

Danger You entered into first phase of 7.5 years cycle of Saturn or Shani sade Sati. Hence, Saturn will bring lot of unresolved issues from your past. In order that you confront them seriously, Saturn may deliver some cruel Karmic punishments in your life. Like sudden setbacks in different aspects of your life, your career, health, marriage, children and some totally unexpected events may occur to shake you.

Above is a broad overview of Saturn transit into Aquarius to know whether it is a Friend or Foe in your life. However, to know in detail the effect of this Saturn transit in Aquarius on your life you should order the Saturn Transit Report 2023